Three Earths with varying sea levels, one being impacted by a stray moon.
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Update 26.3

Drastically increased collision fragments and framerates, overhauled planetary water distribution, plus dozens of improvements come together in Update 26.3.

Oceans Filling Like a Bathtub

Water fills a tub from its lowest point – why not on a planet? Oceans now start at the lowest elevations and fill valleys like you would a bathtub, creating more realistic-looking continents and oceans. (Previously liquid water would “precipitate” evenly across the surface.)

Buttery Smooth Collisions & Particles Aplenty

Major performance improvements have resulted in epic collisions with double the particles. Fragment generation is substantially more consistent across various simulation speeds. Collisions now perform much more smoothly: in many cases, we’re seeing as much as triple framerate increases.

More Highlights

  • Fixed the “annoying bug” that darkened customized planet surfaces
  • Ice & Snow, which are simulated separately, now have color options
  • Avast, Matey! Change an object’s Sea Level in the properties panel
  • Cleaned up the object property panel and added new action buttons

Check out the full list of What’s New in Update 26.3


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