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Universe Sandbox ² is the latest and best version.

In development since 2011, it blows away the original version with improved physics, climate simulation, material properties, terraforming, and awesome collisions.


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For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Buy Universe Sandbox ² now to get instant access to the Early Access version and a pre-order for the final release.


You'll receive a Steam code to add Universe Sandbox ² to your Steam Library. Steam is free and automatic updates mean you'll always have the latest version.



Universe Sandbox ² is still in active development. We're not done fixing bugs, implementing features, and adding polish. But there's already a lot to explore, and every update introduces improvements. There are many more to come.




If you're an educator, you can purchase Universe Sandbox ² at a discount through TeacherGaming. Instead of a Steam code, you will receive a standalone version of Universe Sandbox ².
















Universe Sandbox Legacy



Universe Sandbox Legacy, originally released in 2008, is no longer in development, but is still available for purchase.


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Universe Sandbox Legacy
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Purchase through Amazon or Steam.


Educational Pricing

We no longer offer educational pricing for Universe Sandbox Legacy.


Purchase Universe Sandbox ², the latest version, at a discount through Teacher Gaming.


Commercial Use

Commercial organizations must obtain a commercial license to use Universe Sandbox or distribute created media. Please contact sales for more information.



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Universe Sandbox Legacy



    no cost $9.95 USD
View Explore & view simulations Yes Yes
Time Control time Yes Yes
Chart Compare celestial bodies in chart mode limited


Add Add stars, planets, moons, & galaxies   Yes
Orbit Create your own simulation  


Rings Spawn rings around planets   Yes
Manipulate the force of gravity   Yes
Motion Easily create elliptical & binary orbits   Yes
Hand Move & rotate objects   Yes
Mass Edit object mass and other properties   Yes
Color Switch between multiple color modes   Yes
Center Change the center of motion   Yes
Diameter Show Lagrange points & habitable zones   Yes
Explode Explode anything!   Yes
3D Glasses Use 3D glasses for total immersion   Yes