In-game footage from alpha versions of Universe Sandbox ²


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This is Science

video by Nerd³

Nerd³, creator of the most watched video about the original Universe Sandbox, helps Earth in Universe Sandbox ² by "fixing" its axis, flooding it, and hurling it toward the sun.

Doubling the Mass of the Sun and Every Planet

video by ZeRoyalViking

In one of his many videos about Universe Sandbox ², ZeRoyalViking experiments with the masses of the major objects in our solar system, seeing how it affects their orbits.


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PewDiePie Plays Universe Sandbox ²

video by PewDiePie

PewDiePie, the most subscribed user on Youtube with over 39 million subscribers, takes a look at Universe Sandbox ². What does he think? "This game is so ******* cool."

Terraforming Mars

video by Anton Petrov

Anton gives Mars an atmosphere, a magnetic field, and a big, blue ocean in Universe Sandbox ².


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Simulate The Universe For Fun!

video by Scott Manley

Popular YouTuber and Astronogamer Scott Manley takes a look at Alpha 10 of Universe Sandbox ².