public alpha now available


Universe Sandbox ² Now Available

Ultimate Power

Spawn massive stars, launch asteroids, and manipulate gravity with just a few clicks.


Fun & Interactive

Explore our universe through unlimited experimentation.


Easy to Use

Intuitive, game inspired controls make creation and destruction effortless.


Real Physics

Use Newton's law of gravity to simulate the motions of the planets, moons, and stars.


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Windows, Mac, Linux


What does "Earliest Access" mean?

Universe Sandbox ² is still in early development. We're not done fixing many of the issues and improving it as we get it ready for Early Access here on Steam. Buying-in early means you won’t have to wait to explore the many new and exciting features that are already in place, but know that you will encounter bugs, crashes, performance issues, and incomplete features.




Screenshots from the original...



Rip Saturn's rings apart with a rogue planet.


Colorful Moons

Smash moons in orbit around a fictional planet.


The Planets

Create impossible arrangements of planets.


Uranus and its Moons

Explore the spiral paths of Uranus' moons.


Our Solar System

Experiment with our solar system.


Jupiter's Rings

Stretch and distort the rings of Jupiter.


Galaxy Collision

Collide galaxies for fun.


Jumble of Moons

Watch moons collapse into one another.


Inner Planets

Compare the planets up close.

What was said about the original?


PC Gamer 87%

This is where Universe Sandbox succeeds brilliantly: players experience godly power to create or destroy, while almost unavoidably learning something about the physical properties of our universe.

PC Gamer

bit-gamer 80%

Using the vast range of variables and tools at your disposal you can create some enormously convoluted displays of physics, bending cosmic laws to your will...


I’ve seen some pretty wonderful interactive programs that allow you and your family to explore the vast regions of the universe, but nothing nearly as enthralling as Universe Sandbox.


Bringing new meaning to the term god-game.

You’ve got to try this out.

The most amazing program I have ever had on my computer.

Jake G.



Carl Sagan's favourite game.

ObservedPrey from YouTube

Fun, meet physics.

TheUnit538 from YouTube

It brings out the awed child in all of us.

Play This Thing!

I work in a planetarium in Dayton, Ohio... [Universe Sandbox] is a real hit... especially when we up the gravity and destroy the entire system.

Jason Heaton - Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

As a teaching aid, we can't think of much better.

Alex Cox -

So that's what happens when education and fun marry.

Stas M.

Newton would have killed for this.


Overall impression is WOW.

John H.

A revolution in astronomical visualization.

via email

This is better than the Discovery Channel.


This is an incredible program.  I'm using it to teach my 7 year old sister about our galaxy.

via email

I'm an astrophysics student, and it is just mind-blowing. Excellent work!

via email


Saukko31 from YouTube

I love this, I'm amazed at how well done this is.

kat b.

There is just so much fun [stuff] to do, and [it's] all just really really awesome, which begs me to wonder why no one has made anything like this before.

HL on

What took billions of years to create, I've destroyed in 5 seconds.


You [have created] something really wonderful!

via email

This program is super-cool and tons of fun to play with!

fullerbecker on YouTube

This thing rocks socks. :)


Physics has never been so much fun!


This is by far the most fantastic universe sim I have ever come across.

Simon M.

This is the most bad ass 3D simulator. Ever.

RegularJohn from

My new favourite toy!

Scott from rage3d

This just may be the most addicting thing ever...

via email

Love it, absolutely love it.

via email

You've combined some really clever technology with a beautiful artistic sense - not a typical combination.

Bob R.