If the content will be distributed online:


If the content will be broadcast or shown on television or film:

  • You must have attribution on-screen while any image or video created with Universe Sandbox ² is shown. You may not move the attribution to the end credits or fade it out after a few seconds. If instead you'd like to include attribution elsewhere, please contact us.
  • Attribution must include the following:
  • If also distributed online, attribution must be provided in the text description, according to the guidelines listed in the section above.
  • Do not attribute in any way that suggests our endorsement of you or your product.
  • If possible, send us a link so we can see what you've created or learn more about it.


Educational use (such as in a classroom or lecture):

  • You are welcome and encouraged to use Universe Sandbox ² for lessons, demonstrations, presentations, etc.
  • If recorded and distributed, attribution must be provided according to the guidelines listed in the sections above.



If you can't meet these requirements, or if your question isn't answered here, just ask.


Updated January 2016.