A few weeks ago we talked about our upcoming support for Steam Workshop, a feature we’ve been working on in parallel to our work on Update 21’s big features, Planet Grids & Lasers.

Now we’re excited to announce another upcoming feature for Universe Sandbox ²: support for multiple languages. As with Steam Workshop, we still have work to do on this, but we’ve made great progress. Just check out the video above for proof. You may spot some words that haven’t been translated yet, and some things may look a bit off, but all the big pieces are in place and everything is working smoothly.

If you’re familiar with any of the languages used in the video, you may also note that some translations are a bit strange. Currently, everything has been translated with Google Translate, which has been a very useful tool, but it does not always produce the most accurate results. In the future, we’ll have professional translations for the most widely used languages.

Help Translate

Universe Sandbox ² is constantly growing and evolving; it’s important that we have help from others to build and maintain translations into any number of languages. This is where you, the community, come in.

Along with the ability to switch languages at any time, you will also be able to help translate Universe Sandbox ² with a very easy-to-use integration with Crowdin. Crowdin is a system that helps manage localization projects by making it easy for anyone to submit new translations and vote on the best ones.

Once we have everything ready, we’ll be sure to make an announcement and include full instructions for anyone who wants to help.

Please note: Localization is not yet available in Universe Sandbox ². It is still a work-in-progress feature and will look different in the future.

Big thanks to our developer, Dave, for all of his work on supporting other languages. We’re excited to make Universe Sandbox ² more accessible to people all over the world.