Thank you to everyone who submitted to our Universe Sandbox ² GIF contest! There were a lot of great submissions, and we loved seeing all the different ways our fans use Universe Sandbox ² to explore and experiment with the universe. If you’re a winner, we’ll be reaching out to you soon to send you your prize. If you’re not a winner, there’s always next time! And without further ado…

Grand Prize

Earth being eaten by a neutron star. What’s not to like? Great framing, a great sample of simulation features in Universe Sandbox ², and an overall impressive and tasteful display of destruction. This gets the grand prize of a $50 Steam gift card!

Submitted by astalemarshmallow:




A near-miss between Mars and Earth makes the oceans boil away. A very unique experiment that deserves a $25 Steam gift card.

Submitted by @Valareos:


Honorable Mentions

The following GIFs may not have won the top prizes, but we enjoyed them too much to not mention them. These users will be getting a couple Universe Sandbox ² codes for their friends and family.


Best Pandering

We love when our fans love Universe Sandbox ².


Submitted by DashingElektron:


Submitted by @robloxiscool191:


Best What-If

So that’s what would happen if Jupiter had Saturn’s rings and Saturn came back for revenge. The more you know…

Submitted by @Goldenknight_01:


Best Trip Around the Drain

Turns out there’s a lot in common between space and your sink.

Submitted by @BestPotatoGamin:

Submitted by No. 60 Neodymium:

Submitted by DirtyKaya:


Most Artistic

A beautiful and abstract cosmic dance. Submitted by Flingdagger:



Most Terrifying

This surface-cam perspective of a slowly expanding supernova is making us anxious. In a good way! Submitted by DeadpanGod3:




Thanks again to everyone who submitted! Stay tuned for future contests.

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