New User Interface

User Interface Improvements

In the screenshot above you can see the improved Open, Add, and Properties panels. (Although you won’t usually have all 3 open simultaneously.)

The design will still change a bit as we continue development, but it’s a good representation of the direction we’re heading: unified icon styles, minimalistic design, better spacing, and a more intuitive organization of controls and settings.

One of our favorite new additions is the thumbnails in the Open panel, which provide a much more representative and inviting preview of the available simulations.

The biggest change? We’ve moved most of the actions you’ll need for exploring and interacting with a sim to a bottom bar. We pride ourselves on the amount of customizable options, but they’re only as useful as they are easy to find and adjust.

What else have we been working on since Alpha 14?

  • Getting our newest team member up to speed
    • A big welcome to astrophysicist Jenn Seiler!
    • Jenn is currently working on improving volatile loss rates and implementing magnetic fields (look for these in future updates)
  • Refactored physics and performance optimizations (see previous post)
  • Transitioning to GIT for our source control
    • This will help us maintain a monthly update schedule, as we can now develop features on the side without affecting the main project, then merge them in when they’re ready
  • Improved graphics settings and options
  • First steps in integrating backend visual improvements
  • New tech which lets users heat up one side of a body (coming post-Alpha 15)

We’re working hard to get everything working again for Alpha 15. Keep your eyes peeled. We look forward to hearing what everyone thinks.

If you don’t own Universe Sandbox ², you can get instant access to the alpha through our website: