RV photo credit: Greg Gjerdingen (CC License)

RV Mode is Coming Soon to Universe Sandbox ² (sorry, it’s RV, not VR mode)

First, we must apologize for this typo which was made many, many times in many of the posts here and on our promotional material. While we’re not sure who was responsible for editing these posts, we’re in the process of hiring someone now who can find the culprit and immediately fire them. We will then immediately fire this new employee as well.

So to be clear, we meant to say RV mode, not VR mode.  We’re talking recreational vehicles here, not virtual reality. Yep, RVs, those huge clunky things you can use to take the whole family on the greatest ever cross-country road trip, with no need for rest stops because inside of that RV you’ve got a bathroom, plenty of room to pace back and forth, and, if you’re lucky, even a satellite TV.

Step Inside the RV of Your Dreams… In Space

While a VR mode for Universe Sandbox ² does sound pretty cool (we’ll look into this), the RV mode which we’ve actually been focusing on for the past few months is something which we think you’ll agree is way cooler.

Just imagine: You load up a simulation of our solar system and engage RV Mode. Suddenly you’re sitting in the cushy front seat of your very own recreational vehicle, feeling like royalty on the Intergalactic Highway. You kick it into high gear and blaze through space at 60 miles per hour (that’s about 96 km/h if you’re in Europe), looking out the huge, panoramic windshield as you pass the gas giants of our solar system. What’s that, not interested in Jupiter’s moons? No problem, take a break and check out the kitchenette. Explore the mini-fridge. Explore the contents of the pot on the hot-plate. Are you picking up a signal on the satellite TV? If so, explore the 200+ channels of premium content. 

Of course, while making this RV Mode we haven’t forgotten about the spirit of the sandbox. So yes you can still experiment and get answers to fantastical what-if questions like, “What if I put the hot tub jets [yes you can unlock a hot tub] on full blast? How much sooner will I run out of gas?” or “What if I open the windows?” or “What if I drive this thing right into the sun?”

Why RV Mode for Universe Sandbox ²?

Good question. But have you considered “Why not?”

Truth be told, this may seem like it’s coming out of left field for a space and gravity simulator, but since day one it’s been part of the dream for Universe Sandbox ². Dan Dixon, creator and project lead on Universe Sandbox ², pointed out the obvious reason: “The driving force behind this project has always been about giving the player the freedom and tools to do whatever they want. And what embodies freedom more than cruising around the universe in an RV?”

So forget about exploring your Universe Sandbox ² simulations in full 3D and waving your hands around to make planets collide. The real frontier of next-generation gaming lies in the powerful and inspiring potential of the RV, the cutting edge of unwieldy, carbon-friendly (and family-friendly) automobiles. 

Again, sorry for all those typos.