Universe Sandbox in the Classroom



Universe Sandbox is a science-based physics and space simulator.


It offers unlimited freedom to create, explore, and experiment on an unimaginable scale.


Learn about gravity, Earth's fragile climate, the beauty of our Solar System and our stellar neighbors, and much, much more. Universe Sandbox is a powerful yet accessible tool that provides teachers and students with an intuitive sense of how our universe works.



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What Can a Class Explore in Universe Sandbox?

Solar System Sorted by Mass

A true-to-scale solar system

  • From dice and the Great Pyramid of Giza to Jupiter and the largest known stars
  • Realistic properties for celestial objects
  • Material compositions of rock, water, hydrogen, iron

Realistic physics

  • N-body, Newtonian physics simulated in real-time
  • Learn about laws of motion and orbital mechanics
Neptune Distorting Saturn's Rings
Properties for Planet Nine

Unlimited experimentation & control

  • The sandbox environment encourages creative experimentation, from hypothesis to analysis
  • Edit dozens of properties to see how it affects the simulation
  • Speed up or slow down time and see your experiment unfold

Historical events & the latest astronomical discoveries

Juno Spacecraft around Jupiter
Third Stage of Saturn V Rocket near Moon and Earth




The universe in virtual reality






Earth's changing climate

  • Change the level of CO₂ emissions and see how it affects Earth
  • Model different scenarios for the future of Earth's climate
  • Learn more about our climate model and RCP scenarios




Earth and Mars Climate






What Are Educators Saying About It?

According to Kokoa Standard evaluation, Universe Sandbox 2 represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently.


Learn more about Kokoa Education Standard

Our outreach visits consist of teaching a selection of topics, among them moon phases, seasons, gravity, use of technology in the solar system, and scale and distance of the solar system and universe. Universe Sandbox has proven itself incredibly useful in illustrating some of these concepts in such entertaining and engaging ways; the students have absolutely loved it.

Chris, Education Staff at Clark Planetarium, Utah, USA

It was a HUGE asset to our school's science program.

Michael, 6th Grade Science Teacher, Utah, USA

The software is brilliant from an educational standpoint and we've just scratched the surface.

Richard, High School Science Teacher & Department Chair, Pennsylvania, USA

Really had some great WOW moments... It is fascinating to work with.

Charles, High School Science Teacher, Alabama, USA

My kids in my classroom are still loving it and sharing it at home with friends and family.

Brooke, 5th Grade Teacher, Texas, USA

My students really enjoyed using this program. ... I congratulate your team for both the simplicity and complexity of it. It’s a surprisingly small program that packs a lot of content and visualization.

David, High School Science Teacher, Washington, USA




How Much Is It & Where Can I Get It?

Universe Sandbox is 33% off for educators through TeacherGaming:

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What you get:


  • A single, perpeptual license for a DRM-free copy of Universe Sandbox
  • Free updates as we continue to develop Universe Sandbox
  • Seven in-depth lesson plans developed by TeacherGaming


Who's it for:


  • Individual educators or institutions ordering fewer than 75 licenses (looking for more?)
  • Institutions include K-12 schools, universities, museums, homeschool organizations, and libraries





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Orders & Licenses

Do you offer subscriptions or site-wide licenses?

Yes, we can offer these for orders of more than 75 licenses. Please contact us to discuss purchasing options.


For smaller orders, please purchase individual licenses from TeacherGaming. (TeacherGaming places no limits on the size of orders. You may still place orders exceeding 75 licenses through TeacherGaming if you are not interested in a subscription or site-wide license.)


Do you accept purchase orders?

If you are ordering through TeacherGaming: After placing an order, you will be emailed instructions on how to send them a copy of your purchase order (PO). Once the PO has been received, they will process your order and send you an invoice.


If you are purchasing a subscription or site-wide license from us: We will provide PO instructions upon request.


I have another question about ordering from TeacherGaming.

Please see the TeacherGaming help section.


System Requirements

Does Universe Sandbox work on tablets?

Not yet, but we are currently working on an iOS and Android version of Universe Sandbox. Learn more and sign up to be notified when it's available


Does Universe Sandbox work on Chromebooks?

Universe Sandbox does not run on Chromebooks right now. There may be limited compatibility in the future when the Android version is released (see question above).


Will Universe Sandbox work on our computers?

See our general FAQ for system requirements. If you have any further questions, please contact us.



Can I use Universe Sandbox in my demonstration/lecture/educational video?

Yes, we encourage it! Please see our Usage page for guidelines.