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Croatian Video Review

Starts at 5:50.


August 4


Geek Dad

The Universe Is Your Sandbox With Universe Sandbox



June 17, 2011

Geek of the Week




July 5



June 29

"Absolument passionnant pour les amoureux d'astronomie..."

"Absolutely fascinating for lovers of astronomy..." - French

June 18

Dan Dixon talks Universe Sandbox - Podcast

June 14

"играться Universe Sandbox можно действительно почти бесконечно"

"playing Universe Sandbox can do is almost endless" - Russian

June 8

"You have control over everything."

June 6

'Universe Sandbox': crea un universo a tu medida
'Universe Sandbox': creates a universe that fits you - Spanish

June 1

"El juego que volverá loco a Stephen Hawking"
"The game you go crazy with Stephen Hawking" - Spanish

May 29

"In Universe Sandbox you are granted control of the cosmos."

May 25

What if You Could Play Pool with the Moon or Smash Galaxies Together?

May 24

In Universe Sandbox, You Learn Astronomy By Playing God

May 8

Universe Sandbox Review - 8/10

May 4

Quick Look: Universe Sandbox

May 1

"A game unlike others that I have seen before."



April 9

The Universe in a Sandbox

Janurary 4

The Universe Sandbox: make world order

"The Universe SandBox is lighthearted and fun software that allows you to play God, the biggest playground that: the whole universe."

"[The Universe Sandbox] is so simple and friendly that anyone can play with her a bit and learn how to use it." - Hebrew



Universe Sandbox - A great gravitation simulator

Host your very own moonfight in Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox: Smash galaxies together for fun

How one man created his own universe

How Dan Dixon fashioned a whole universe out of mere bytes | PC Plus


Universe Sandbox: Infinity In A Grain Of Sand And Eternity In a Wildflower




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