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Universe Sandbox ² Press




The Man Who Built the Universe

Vice Motherboard

Premature Evaluation: Universe Sandbox ²

Rock Paper Shotgun

Universe Sandbox ² Lets You Build, Destroy The Universe


Universe Sandbox Uses Physics to Simulate the End of the World as We Know It


Universe Sandbox ²: The Ulimate God Game Where You Can Build, Rule and Destroy Moons, Worlds and Galaxies

Red Bulletin

Universe Sandbox ² Now Has a Virtual Reality Mode

Rock Paper Shotgun

Literally Play Pool with the Planets in Universe Sandbox ² VR


GDC Vive Review: Universe Sandbox ² VR

Broken Joysticks

Universe Sandbox ² To Introduce VR Support


Scientific Visualizations


Discovery: Nearby star hosts closest alien planet in the "habitable zone"

The University of New South Wales | Uses Universe Sandbox ² for visualization of newly discovered planet

Astronomers Discover a Potentially Habitable Planet Just 14 Light Years Away

Popular Mechanics | Uses Universe Sandbox ² for visualization of newly discovered planet

Notable YouTube Videos


DESTROY THE WORLD | Universe Sandbox 2 #1

jacksepticeye | 3.3m views | #67 subscribed YouTube channel

CE JEU EST DE TOUTE BEAUTÉ ! (Universe Sandbox)

"This Game is All Beauty!"
SQUEEZIE | 2.9m views | #161 subscribed YouTube channel

THIS GAME IS MINDBLOWING!!! // Universe Sandbox ^2

PewDiePie | 2.9m views | #1 subscribed YouTube channel

SPACE IS SO COOL!! | Universe Sandbox

Markiplier | 2.6m views | #25 subscribed YouTube channel

A MILLION MOONS! (Universe Sandbox 2)

ZeRoyalViking | 701k views

Nerd³ FW - Universe Sandbox ²

OfficialNerdCubed |792k views


Universe Sandbox Legacy Press



Universe Sandbox Review

PC Gamer - 84/100

What if You Could Play Pool with the Moon or Smash Galaxies Together?

In Universe Sandbox, You Learn Astronomy By Playing God

Universe Sandbox Review - 8/10

Quick Look: Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox – PC Review

BrashGames - 7/10

Universe Sandbox: Smash galaxies together for fun

How One Man Created His Own Universe

How Dan Dixon fashioned a whole universe out of mere bytes | PC Plus

The Universe in a Sandbox

"You have control over everything."

The Universe Sandbox: make world order

"The Universe SandBox is lighthearted and fun software that allows you to play God, the biggest playground that: the whole universe."

"[The Universe Sandbox] is so simple and friendly that anyone can play with her a bit and learn how to use it." - Hebrew

"Absolument passionnant pour les amoureux d'astronomie..."

"Absolutely fascinating for lovers of astronomy..." - French

"играться Universe Sandbox можно действительно почти бесконечно"

"playing Universe Sandbox can do is almost endless" - Russian

'Universe Sandbox': crea un universo a tu medida
'Universe Sandbox': creates a universe that fits you - Spanish

"El juego que volverá loco a Stephen Hawking"
"The game you go crazy with Stephen Hawking" - Spanish


Una precisa simulazione matematica per la creazione del vostro piccolo universo

"Universe Sandbox Review: A precise mathematical simulation for the creation of your little universe"

Everyeye - Italian

Educational Articles


Universe Sandbox on Steam for Schools

Teach With Portals

The Universe Is Your Sandbox With Universe Sandbox

Geek Dad | Wired | via Geek Mom

Editorial Review: Universe Sandbox


Teaching Tools: Universe Sandbox




Dan Dixon talks Universe Sandbox - Podcast

PAX Prime 11 Interview with Universe Sandbox Founder Dan Dixon

Gadget-Geek Girl

Notable YouTube Videos


Nerd³ Plays... Universe Sandbox

OfficialNerdCubed | 2.2m views

Tworzenie czarnych dziur - Universe Sandbox!

"Create black holes - Universe Sandbox!"

SciFun| 600k views

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