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Universe Sandbox VR

What is Universe Sandbox VR?

Universe Sandbox VR is an optional mode included with the desktop version which allows you to explore in virtual reality using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch, or Windows Mixed Reality.







What can you do in Universe Sandbox VR?


Launch Moons into Orbit

Use the triggers on the Vive controllers to launch moons and planets into orbit and create complex systems. Or launch them directly at a planet, if you prefer.

Draw a Smiley Face with a Giant Laser

Set the wavelength and power input on a simulated laser. Crank the power high enough and you'll melt the surface of a planet. [Currently removed, but improved lasers will be coming soon!]


Get a True Sense of Scale

Use the controllers to pinch-scale the scene. Scale up and you can fit a galaxy in your hand, or bring it back to 1:1 scale and walk next to the third stage of the Saturn V rocket which took us to the moon.

Grab Planets & Smash Them Together

Grab a planet, star, or moon and then move it around, chuck it off into the distance, or smash it against another planet.





Move Around Your Simulations in Full VR

You can load any of the included simulations plus any you've saved in desktop mode. Then walk around your room to explore, or use the controllers to fly through space and scale your view.






What Are People Saying About It?

Universe Sandbox makes gods of us all, allowing you to create comets, moons, planets, even stars on a whim. ... You'll definitely need to rest by the seventh day.

Josh Vanderwall, Editor in Chief, The Escapist

[Universe Sandbox] was one of the coolest thing I've used on Vive so far.

Tom Marks, Assistant Editor, PC Gamer

...this is probably the most beautiful and relaxing game for the Vive. There are other sandbox games I have already played, but this one beats the !@#$ out of those.

Brad Lynch, YouTuber

This is badass.

Count Lorek of BMcD Gaming




This imaginary digital universe was wonderfully, intensely realer than anything I'd encountered in our boring analogue one.

Rafi Letzter, Business Insider

Sometimes, at the end of a long hard day, you just want to shoot Earth with a giant laser, toss Mars at Saturn, and hang out in deep space for a while admiring a massive galactic collision.

Becky Ferreira, Vice Motherboard

Universe Sandbox has previously impressed me with its gorgeous space simulations, but seeing and interacting with them in virtual reality brought the experience to a completely new level.

Renee Gittins, Broken Joysticks

Incredible in VR, must buy if you have a Vive. Great soundtrack. Developers continue to push out amazing updates for virtual reality.

iaqo_dan , Steam review

[Universe Sandbox is one of] a few upcoming VR games I think look spectacular.

Joe Donnelly, Rock Paper Shotgun

After more intense and exhausting roomscale sessions wear me down this is what I've came back to for end of the night relaxation. I'll sit in the middle of my VR space and mellow out to the beautiful sound track and play with the fabric of creation. Pretty damn cool.

dixon.jonathan, Steam review