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Author Topic: komrage for president 2040  (Read 1025 times)


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komrage for president 2040
« on: January 12, 2016, 08:46:27 PM »
so i've got it all figured out, the immigration crisis, climate change, capitalism, and foreign policy all right here:

[22:36] <syule_> the thing is i think we should pass a new law
[22:37] <syule_> every american with income over 50k must enter in a lottery
[22:37] <syule_> to house mexicans
[22:37] <syule_> and syrian refuges
[22:37] <syule_> this will solve illegal immigration in about five days flat
[22:38] <Floenne> syule that's unconstitutional because i have the right to freedom of religion and those damn mexicans are going to take away capitalism by stealing all of our jobs
[22:38] <syule_> freedom ain't in maslow's hairarchy
[22:38] <+Kalassak> what about
[22:39] <+Kalassak> if you make over $50k
[22:39] <+Kalassak> but your spouse doesn't
[22:39] <+Kalassak> or is it every household
[22:39] <syule_> those are technical details
[22:39] <syule_> anyway
[22:39] <+Kalassak> that does
[22:39] <syule_> it needs to be weighed
[22:39] <syule_> according to income-50k
[22:39] <Floenne> but what about families in split housing
[22:39] <Floenne> like mine
[22:39] <syule_> so if you make 100k, you're 5 times more likely
[22:39] <syule_> than someone who makes 60k
[22:39] <syule_> because 100-50 = 50
[22:39] <Floenne> i live with my dad 200 miles from my mom and sister
[22:39] <syule_> and 60-50 = 10
[22:39] <Floenne> and
[22:39] <+Kalassak> ah
[22:39] <Floenne> housing is hella expensive
[22:39] <Floenne> so
[22:39] <+Kalassak> so
[22:39] <Floenne> there's a huuuuge difference
[22:39] <+Kalassak> donald trump will ahve to house like
[22:39] <+Kalassak> a lot of people
[22:40] <Floenne> between 100k in san fransisco and 100k in houston
[22:40] <syule_> that's easy
[22:40] <syule_> have the government take control of the housing market
[22:40] <syule_> institute communism AND take care of immigration in one shot
[22:40] <syule_> BAM
[22:40] <Floenne> dar yes
[22:40] <syule_> i'm an mlg politician
[22:40] <+Kalassak> kol syule_ i'd vote for you
[22:41] <syule_> thanks kalassak
[22:41] <syule_> oh yeah billionaires will have to house like
[22:41] <syule_> hundreds of refugees each
[22:41] <syule_> statistically
[22:42] <Floenne> though syule why should we personally pay for these people who either come here illegally or flee some distant war
[22:42] <Floenne> i mean i guess you could say we already do but
[22:42] <syule_> utility
[22:42] <Floenne> this is much bigger
[22:42] <Floenne> because
[22:42] <syule_> it's all about utility
[22:42] <syule_> also, i've got international diplomacy figured out
[22:42] <syule_> whenever there's a good cause
[22:43] <syule_> threaten to nuke the country unless they do whatever we say
[22:43] <syule_> then if they don't listen, just nuke them
[22:43] <Floenne> pierre 2016
[22:43] <syule_> after a couple of third world countries
[22:43] <syule_> everyone else will fall in line
[22:43] <syule_> it's fool proof
[22:43] <Floenne> good plan
[22:43] <syule_> we won't back down so they can't call our bluff
[22:44] <Floenne> czalliso diplomacy right there
[22:44] <syule_> like climate change? threaten to nuke whatever country doesn't cut emissions by 80% in 10 years
[22:44] <syule_> bam
[22:44] <syule_> we're done


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Re: komrage for president 2040
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2016, 12:07:16 PM »
This is an outrageous idea, truly preposterous.

no but srsly wut


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Re: komrage for president 2040
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2016, 04:19:22 PM »