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Author Topic: Universe Sandbox: from Simulation to Game?  (Read 26424 times)


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Re: Universe Sandbox: from Simulation to Game?
« Reply #30 on: November 24, 2009, 11:42:04 AM »
I'm with Chaotic Cow and Bla

If you want a space MMORPG, Infinity: The Quest for Earth is in development and has a galaxy full of 400 billion stars you can interact with when it comes out. :)

Exactly ;)
Except that that game will never be completed, or released lol.
As much as i admire indie developers, being a 1-man project in terms of programming just isnt gonna cut it for a massive game as that (the most massive game in the history of gaming even). He really needs to swallow his pride and set up a studio, invest money into the project, and hire more people to actually make it a reality rather than a 20-year-long hobby.
I think you've missed the point of his development. He doesn't program the game into great detail like WoW or EVE Online, he uses procedural generation and makes some algorithms that can create all the content for him. He relies on ships and stations developed by the community, and they have made plenty already.
Even though it might take at least two more years, I don't doubt it will be released. He has made very much already, just look at his video of the galaxy, the images of the procedurally generated planets, asteroid fields, and the Infinity Combat Prototype.