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Author Topic: Distance + Time  (Read 4115 times)


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Distance + Time
« on: July 17, 2008, 03:06:53 PM »
Hey I just d/l'd this program and think it's pretty amazing. I made a small donation because I was still trying it out. But I think I might purchase the full license and gets me some glasses because I think I really love this.

Question: Is it possible though to adjust viewing relative to the speed of light?

Something Like when you zoom out, any animations reverse because they haven't happened at that distance yet? But I don't know how it'd work if you zoom in and then everything had to rush back to their current renderings. Might take a lot of resources to run that, but maybe not?

So if you are running the simulation time at 6 months a second, a collision that just happened in front of you would undo itself and happen again in 8 seconds if you rushed out to 4 light years away.

Also, this would be interesting because I often wondered how a galaxy would look if you were on the edge of it and all the stars 500 light years away from you would be skewed in comparison to the ones on the other side of the galaxy at 200000 light years away if you rotated it. I don't know would everything still look the same? That might need some hefty equations. Do those equations even exist?

I don't know I was watching the galaxies spin and thought of it. It is Probably not possible.

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Re: Distance + Time
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2008, 11:35:19 AM »
That's an excellent idea but sounds difficult to implement.

A similar question was asked in this thread (look toward the bottom)

Question: Is it possible though to adjust viewing relative to the speed of light?

Unfortunately no. But you can hit "R" to reverse the velocity of everything which can produce interesting results.