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Author Topic: Simple online grouping ubox editor  (Read 3083 times)


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Simple online grouping ubox editor
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:18:21 PM »
Just throwing this out there for whoever may be interested.
I have a big interest in binary/double binary, and muti-binary orbit research, and created an online ubox editor to easily create multiple binary orbits, by using 'groupings'.


With the editor, you can create groups, move objects into and out of groups, have subgroups or 'groups of groups', duplicate objects, duplicate groups, and more.  It will also allow you to change the mass, density, and radius of bodies.

When a group contains two bodies, extra menu options are available to the group, to allow generating a circular orbit around any axes, and reversing velocities of the binary orbit of the contained bodies.

Positions and velocities are relative to the group they are in, and you can also view 'absolute' positions and velocities of the objects.

It's been implemented to use new json 'Grouping' and GroupingID properties, as to not conflict with the current 'Group' and 'GroupID' json properties which are two of the current standard properties, although do not seem to be implemented yet. 

There is a size limit of 1 meg for the ubox file which can be uploaded.

This is a work in progress, and may include more options in the future, including setting the eccentricity, inclination, and other properties of orbits, as well as other body properties.  Expect a few bugs, and please be patient for them to get resolved, as well as the addition of any new features.
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