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Author Topic: [BUG] Gas planets loose lots of heat from a supernova after hydrogen loss  (Read 1491 times)


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I was on the solar system and i decided to make the sun collide with one of the Castor starts(don't remember if it was Aa or Ba) and then i checked on neptune to see if it lost mass, i found out it did but i saw that when it lost all its hydrogen, the temperature had instantly dropped from 4700 Celsius down to -200C, then made a smaller star crash into the sun, and the same thing happened but instead it had dropped to 1100C after the hydrogen loss.

After that i made some other tests making sure i was using the same star, and the final temperature varied from 200C to -90C(With castor Ba),then i tested it with Castor Aa and it dropped down to -258C.

This (likely) means that the mass of the stars partly changes by how much the temperature drops, but part of it is also random

Also, crashing Regulus into the sun makes the 4 gas planets insantly loose all their hydrogen even before the supernova cloud reaches them and heats them up(it didn't even need to reach jupiter), but even neptune got affected

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Re: [BUG] Gas planets loose lots of heat from a supernova after hydrogen loss
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Thanks for the report, I'll test the issue. Might be something weird when a planet transitions between a gas giant to something else.