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« on: August 22, 2014, 09:07:13 AM »
I would like to list a couple bugs and suggestions for the rings in US2.


1. "I only turn my back for a minute and they're gone." bug.
After finally finishing the final fully tweaked version of the Olheria System, which has 5 ring systems, two of which belong to gas giants, and the other three being asteroid belts.

2."I don't like changes. Bye!" bug.
When changing the axis of a ringed body, the particles fly off downward in a funnel formation and make a big mess of your system.

3. I wouldn't consider this a bug normally, but it's so bugging that it's a different kind of bug. Chad, you said you'd change the default particle count down from 5000 lol that's killed my computer way too many times.

4. There are probably more, I just haven't played around enough with the rings to find any.

Suggestions (a lot of them):

1. Ring Ghosts
It'd be helpful if there was some sort of ghost version or static version of the rings you are about to create. It's a little hard to imagine what IR=45.6/OR=87.9 looks like with unknown units.

2. Planetoids don't need to have names
It's incredibly messy to try to find a body by searching it and then get results for objects "Moon 1 through 900" which you don't even care about. Can their names be blank please?

3. Ring "sets"
As you create rings they will be shown in a list where you can delete and edit your multiple rings. After they start piling up, there can be an option to merge them into one set.

4. Multiple components
You can select what components you want in the ring system and how much, in percentage, that the make up for, much like the Component Editor.

5. FPS warning
If US2 could detect your FPS threshold and warn you about it before making a ring system, well, that'd be great for low-end computer processors.

6. Pre-setting Ring distances
The default ring radiuses automatically decrease or increase in value depending on the size of the object.

7. Color editor
Wasn't there something like this in US1?

8. Stretchers
This one is a little far fetched. You know those grids on images in photoshop programs where you can tug and squeeze at the lines to distort the image? How about something like that for rings?

9. Custom Ring particles
The player can decide from the wide variety of daily objects in US2 to create a ring out of. Maybe even multiple objects to create a scattered interplanetary junkyard orbiting a planet. The player can also decide the percentages of the specific objects by using a pie chart (Or maybe it's easier to use the percentage sliders) Btw, we need more everyday objects, like buildings, planes, houses, the Statue of Liberty, etc.

10. Fluid Rings
Self explanatory

So, whadda ya think guys? I mean, sure, none of this will be possible until WAAAY after the IPAr (Initial public alpha release), but would you like stuff like this to happen in US2?

woah, there's this glitch where when I open a new simulation, there a big, about 4-6 AU wide ring system with a tiny lone particle smack in the middle. I wanted to terraform the moon (c'mon, Luna looks exceedingly badass with water) but I found the lone particle flying around:

And here he is from surface view:

lol this feels like tracking down The Black Knight or some other UFO.

I set it to Real Time, and it seems to move kinda fast.

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