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Author Topic: Multiplayer,Rocket flying above Earth, Atmosphere Entry, Magnetic Field.  (Read 1580 times)


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1. Multiplayer would be the best one for the game, and will make the game Fun and popularity is big.

2.Rocket Flying above Earth, Imagine you see a rocket flying above Earth, That's a good idea for me, It's would be fun a small human creating something on moon or something.

3. Atmosphere Entry, Imagine meteor falling down to earth seeing some fire in it body, I know that would be fun for physics simulations.

4.Magnetic Field, I need this for Terraforming, I wan't to make movie in Universe Sandbox 2, Terraforming Mars, and also including 2, I need it to record all human activities, I know it's all about simulator..

Thanks if you accept my ideas.
- HyperTF  ;D
sorry if my English are bad  :)


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and also, If moon impact earth or other planets (Rocky), Make it blow up a debris to space, This gotta be awesome 8)


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  • BUMPER CARS!!!!!
you'll have to wait Soontm