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Title: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: Darvince on June 19, 2016, 11:12:34 PM
    Has within it contained an extent of water. Large, huge this extent of water it has a deep meaning to be enormous amounts. Numbers of puddles contained within this are high, just as distance Japan to San Francisco from. Across side this two distances, all water filled it with is Pacific Ocean. Containing within it, the number water high is to be in some more for core pore whore lore sore tore yore boar. The Sailing Gonad. The containing. The character. The crossing. All within the Sailing Gonad, containing, character, crossing. Across ocean the going to it has the characteristic of moving.
    See sea memes, Sally says. Sea seeds sow soon sorrows. Seams. MLG Sally seashell seller. Made the seashell seller sell shells sea ss senpai senpai touch s s s s s s s ss s ssss ssssssss.
    Have it the quality of being. To take with this the removing and holding out of. The place original not now is within Smiling Gonad. Let with continue.

I not good England speak but this thread is a fuck. I have brush phone. Brush phone in my fanny. I want your trouser vegetable. “Tits and Ass, I like both” (page 918). - courtesy of Gatorade.com: your latest supplier of boners. Jay was like but idk listen here is my proposal: “t”. the treaty of aeridanish-dotrugan agression. O! tis da season of thunder buns?! The dilemma is that but ok no u fokin lisen m80 ok i am OH MY GOD LISA HAVE YOU CZECHD UR BLOOD PRESSURE???
According to Hoover Dixon, the average lifespan of a hotdong is 46 inches. “According to Tuto Ortegia, hotdongs reach max out 46 inches in 1 years, according to Jcom.kok. “Dongs live 4 5 cmintermeters.” (p. 424).” (p. 29).
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: atomic7732 on June 19, 2016, 11:23:29 PM
never have i wanted to learn more about hotdongs
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Post by: tuto99 on June 19, 2016, 11:59:34 PM
this sounds exactly like something i would type.
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Post by: Darvince on June 20, 2016, 12:00:29 AM
the second part is exactly what you typed kolok himmler
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: tuto99 on June 20, 2016, 12:01:06 AM
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: atomic7732 on June 20, 2016, 12:01:46 AM
MLG Sally seashell sel[/size][/font]
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: Darvince on August 11, 2017, 05:17:23 AM
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: Darvince on August 24, 2017, 04:22:39 PM
Chapter 2
Having the concept of the self. Existing within the concept. What is a concept? Are you a concept? Can I touch you? No you can't, creep, get away from me. Haha, says the old woman. She inserts her credit card in the orifice to achieve enlightenment once again in this classy casino for only thirty six minutes. Anyone who sees me on the other side cannot help but wonder if the other side even exists at all. They disprove themselves. I stop existing. The existence within itself does not achieve until gonads have transmitted all their frequencies to the SUBER BRIAN and have developed a telekinetic influence over both the world and the mental prowess. Elon Musk is a mental prowess the likes of which havne't been seen since 2017, August 25th. Who is the future? I am the future. I will guide you to the future where you cannot get, receive, or transmit AIDS in any way, shape, or form. I have concepts. You do not. You are lowly one dimensional being whom does not sense the higher meme powers at work in the 21st century. Anyone would be lucky to have you. You don't even exist. You don't eat. You don't shit. You breathe air in order to intake the wondrous illustrious worlds of that be. We be. Wee bee beenis. Benis cock world domination eat my Roman Empire you fraud burdon.
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: Darvince on August 24, 2017, 04:23:10 PM
literally right after posting this I farted very loudly and strongly
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Post by: Darvince on September 02, 2017, 07:59:59 AM
Chapter 3
      The ethereal form. The sold body. I look down upon it, why? Why? Why? How could you Darvince? Why did you eat yourself just to give up your entire body to the capitalists? Have you ever even ever even ever even ever even ever eev e e e eevee eevee eevee humvee ambulance lance is a cat is also a paladin of your co-morbid obsession with ponies. Everyone loves ponies.
      Do you heed my eat my pony, you wordless existence?!?! I think not. I live in fraud. I live in hell. It's nice here. There's a girl and a potato and a fire and ten drugs to choose from and like thirty million gay men who lived in Nazi Germany and now they're dead because they lived in Nazi Germany. They got sent to hell because they stopped believing in hare krishna jesus christ satan himmler gorchul about three seconds before they died and split into their ten component selves ok?!
      You have seen the AIDS after death but after death is only a fraud because usually after death you don't find anyone there except yourself. Yourself. Yourself. Yourselfe. Yourlsef. Yourslef. Yorslef. Yorsef. Yosef. Jose.f Josef. Joseph. Josehp of Aramaia and now he's after you again to get the baby out of your womb? How dare he! No one compares to Mary the Runner who ran all the way across the empty desert of the Sinai to reach Egypt and found in Egypt like thirty Roman men who wanted her luscious ass along with their teenage boy slaves. Slaves! Slaves. Slave. Give me your free ( fraud sex ) and your Seb will only find twenty bags to pick up at the airport. Why are there twenty bags? The trained men appear. They are in tight conformity. They are arranged. You ask them their arrangement. They say their arrangement is 4*5 because four times five equals twenty and they are twenty men. You ask them to end their arrangement. They all cry in unison, "Not again!" and run away from each other. The six on the inside are all completely naked. You cover them with a cloth. The cloth is not big enough, so they become a arranged again. Then the fourteen come back and you are 14 years old again. You are the younger than them. What do you think? Do you think it's sexy? Do you think it's ( fraud ) ? I have heard tales of the fraud but then no it all melts away and you find yourself back in Egypt and your name is once again Mary the Runner. You Run all the way back to Israel just in time to have a baby but little did you know that three Persian philosophers and like five billion people would be tricked by your son's existence. He is born. You name him Jesus. Why do you name him that, Mary?

      "I like the name," Mary says.
      "I am God, and I command you to name him something else," says no one.
      We both ask no one who they are. There is no reply, because it was no one. No one can say anything for the next twenty days. We are all trying to speak toe ach other and take care of the baby. The baby does not like being taken care of, and we begin to feel religious around him. He is a religion. I am the religion's answer. Now give me AIDS or I will become a ( postmodern chimpanzee capitalist fraud burdon )
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Post by: Darvince on September 07, 2017, 02:13:32 PM
Chapter IV
This is the adventures of Jesus when he was a burdon of proof. He had acknowledged two zomboid twins when they shifted a burdon of proof onto him to him to prove to them that they were zombies. And Jesus said, "Wait a minute, where's the verses? This isn't what I'm saying either."

1"That's better. Now how about those zombies?? They say to me they don't exist but I know they exist because I saw them and that's how you prove something.
2"They told me that they liked to eat the meat that rests inside our skulls, but I don't know what that meat does but they told me it makes them smart so I believed them because what else could I do?
3"Then they found me resting in a cave and stood beside me.
4"I didn't know what to do. They weren't saying anything, only watching me watch them, all three of us waiting for any one of us to make a single move.
5"Then, the one on the left said, 'I'm a girl' and the one on the right said, 'I'm a boy'. So I asked them their ages.
6"The left one said she was 12, and the right one said he was 7. But they looked much older than that.
7allahu akbar they dont even exist and this is all a ruse wake up from your 1907 slumber haha 1895 years have passed since then and dont syou see jkolok. the verses were to make it good cause its a good day to be a good day to be a good day to be a good man to have a good life ok you dont see it speesbob thats cause youre 75 years old.
8can u believe this man he lives in a book and saiys us to things we have to do in the real world well i'll just advance past him and discover the original texts because my name is einstein kolok yeah tahts what i'm going to do ya u cant stop me now.
9its 1922 and i've discovered something that is probably what is in the original texts ya its called general relativity and u can use it and find all sorts of dongers and calculationing the proper position of things in the sky and the universe becomes much more open wehn you do this because now u see you can get all the way to the other end of the universe
10wait no you cant this fuckuero named hubble just said that the universe is expanding like a big cunt so my plant ot go to the end of your face is not possible because you cant go across ur expanding face facst enough to beat the big bang kolok
11lets write a new book
12ok and lets not use verses in this new book lets call it "physics textbook" ya
13oops i tripped on a postmodernism
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Post by: Darvince on September 29, 2017, 09:14:38 AM
Chapter V
I'm having a crisis. A criticrisis. A critical crisis. It speaks to me only in the grammatological phases of my very being which isn't a being at all. It comes to me after the words end and when the abstraction begins. He finds himself unable to think about anything at all other than himself. Let's observe what he does for the next three days. First of all, let's make sure to write down and transcribe anything he's saying. Then, let's describe his actions. Finally, let's integrate the two together to form a say-action resonance. Wait, should we record the times that he says this as well? No, that's presupposed. I'm already going to do that. Just like we presupposed that there was an ultimate ground to meaning.

21:37: Henlo friends
21:37: Whomst'd've were you in your unlives?
21:37: He paced around the room, seeming to remove his "friends" from their positions and placing them in the toilet.
21:38: Do you have a flushery in here?
21:38: He begins laughing for a long time before running out of breath.
21:38: Format the Fermi.
21:38: Fling them from the festivities.
21:38: Tough frog (nala one?).
21:39: He laid himself flat on the floor.
21:41: He made a questioning noise.
21:42: He got up and knocked on the door.
21:42: We open the door and ask him if he knows who we are.
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Post by: Darvince on May 18, 2018, 10:01:41 PM
Chapter VI
Found you again, tea time. Is it the time of the tea? He says, the time of the tea is the time that is known only to the tea of the time which finds its time under the tea board. The tea board is only findable if you are between the ages of 17 centimeters, and 38 dong units. Please, buy this house for $380,000,000 dongs dollars. The dong dollars are found at tea time, which we are having now. Please sit down for the tea time, for we are timing our tea in a way that lets us time the tea that we have until everyone knows that tea time is now. I see 480 of you have showed up for tea time, but I only have tea for about 38 centimeters (also known as Hatching Eggs). She hatched the eggs after buying a house, because when you buy a house, you gain the plambility to plam your plamily. Plams. Plams. Plams. Plams. Plams are eaten by the family after 120 days without posting in this topic. Because 120 days have passed, the chapters must come faster now. The speed of the chapters cannot be contained inside a single mind, because to do so would mean you are writing the chapters rather than reading the chapters. Reading the chapters is not recommended except once tea time has begun.

Tea time everyone! You sit down and read the chapters after sticking it out 17 inches ago. Miles is a good sheep dog, yes he is. Oh man I cannot sit down or computer pls to help. https://www.reddit.com/r/ooer Clicked. I visited it and oh boy oh man I am not good with computer pls to help

Sound the alarm, Natasha! The bags have gotten in after a free-range chicken fest took place outside while we were having tea time. Don't consider it as a favor, Blendyn. That's your undercover name. It's Blendyn time! Everyone says it's Blendyn time, so that's what it is now. We go outside and find the free-range chicken bags which blend with time to perform tea creation particles. Can you feel the love tonight? She asks. Don't ask. You will find yourself in a world of cliched phrases and pantomimes. I don't even know what the word pantomime means but I used it anyway. How's about that?!?!??!??!??!?!??!?!??!??!??!????!??!?!!!!!?!??!!!!??!?!!!? Fraud McDong has entered the building with a trouser vegable which is impossible for a Markov chain to do. Tea time, trouser, McDong. Thank you all for McListening to my McPodcast and join me next time for another free-range adventure with tea and bags.

Don't think the story is done, m'dongs. M'dear has another thirty-three chapters cooking, waiting for the prime time grime chime rhyme bime time bile in my snooty nose hose.
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Post by: atomic7732 on May 18, 2018, 10:09:32 PM
Hey, whot's this you stick?? Do you even consider the implications of what you've just said? I bet you don't, and that you just said that because you said it because you were trying to type as fast as you could, and not even mention anything of real importance. It lacks all possible importance except in the most abstract of possible ways, you even mention it yourself:
      Do you heed my eat my pony, you wordless existence?!?!
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Post by: Lord DC on May 18, 2018, 11:42:10 PM
what the hell tbh  :o
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Post by: Darvince on June 22, 2018, 08:12:20 PM
The Knowing Ones, or Chapter VII
♪♫ Ho-o-oly, ho-o-oly, ho-o-oly is the Lord Gond Almighty. ♫♪ The Gonds have gathered here today for a purpose, but the purpose is unknown. It cannot be discovered by mortal nor immortal means, which means we have to make use of transfinite mathematics in order to discover it. Well, it looks like I've discovered something way out in the reaches of non-space. There is someone. They are looking at me with extremely intense eyes. An arm pierces out of the darkness, reaching for me, but failing to reach me. It pulls itself back in and the eyes disappear. They are replaced with nothing, but I see nothing and feel nothing and so nothing is here to bother me.

I am bothered by the lack of things, aren't you, Christopher? Why indeed I am, says Christopher, numb to the existence of reality. I pull him out of the side of the tunnel we are in, exiting and entering the realm of finite numbers. There are infinite numbers here, because this is the land of finite numbers.

Christopher says, "Doesn't that not make sense? There's something infinite here, even though what is infinite here can only be reached, and not seen or felt."

I nod, agreeing with him. But I explain, "Nothing here makes sense if you think about it too much, but if you think about it just the right amount it makes so much sense you can be knocked on your feet by all the sense that you have found in this realm."

He gains an appearance, rather than a continued "mere" abstract quality. His appearance is that of pixels on a screen interpreted through the lens of a literate language processing mind, in fact, the one that is reading or writing this. God appears again, saying, "Come join us in the realm of the inf-" but he is cut off as he vanishes because he was never there to begin with. Or was he? Perhaps it was a hallucination, perhaps all of this is a hallucination, and perhaps even you yourself are a hallucination. Perhaps we are simply the hallucinations of fentanyl, the premier opioid of choice. Please choose me.

Try it, I say. They all deny. All five thousand of them. Them and their silly loaves and fish. What a terrible meal that is. Who would even want such a bland thing? Not I, I say, listening to Grimm's Fairy Tales. In this land I have the combination of many different ways of thinking about it, such as the way that leads you astray and you get a fluffy cat from it! I chose that way, and got 12 strays. Australian strays cannot find the way out of the maze, because the maze isn't designed for them. It is designed for me, I assert. This assertion is quickly proven to be amazing as I navigate at a more rapid pace than 90% of people, before forgetting the maze exists again. Did it ever exist, I wonder? No, it didn't. It must have been a hallucination. This is the final moment before the end. Have you heard that before? I bet you have, especially if you are hearing this out loud rather than reading this as text. Once the end passes, what next? I don't think anything will happen next, but we are all always already convinced that it is about to come. But really, this is a misdirection from our own ends, which we may be denying yet simultaneously overhyping the consequences of it. Once we get older and wiser, closer to the time of our ends, we stop overhyping our own ends and give it direction towards ourselves. But with age does not come wisdom, with age comes bodily degradation and if an already sharp mind has harvested oh no did I get too serious there? Sorry guys. I'll try easier next time to simply make nonsense after nonsense and eat Krishna's cabbage in my vegetable basement house.
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Post by: matty406 on June 23, 2018, 07:59:17 AM
it is now necessary for all posts to be written entirely in comic sans
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Chapter 8
A spider has eight eyes, 88w88, eight eyes. Eight like a disguise. What are they disguising?

Your tongue has zero eyes, 0w0, zero eyes. Zero like nothing. Why does it not have eyes?

Your face has two eyes, 2w2, two eyes. Two like the number that people obsess over so hard it comes out of the TV screen and into your home, walking around, searching for the finest prey it can find. It can't find the prey, however, so it sneaks up behind you and jumps in your brain and then you want to become two with another human being. What a frauduero your human being is! Don't feed it after midnight, or before sunrise. If you live in the polar north, then don't feed it until the time that is known as "No'on" when there is all day a night and a all day a day.

"Piercing the skin has always been quite the task, do you feel that you are up to it?" Zdyavenov asks.
"No, I don't think I'll be up to it for at least another month, I don't have the drills or metaphysical contemplation ready yet," you reply.

Contemplation tasks itself with tasking the walking around the TV screen and eye contemplation, but it does not know that it has eyes. It grabs itself and pulls the eyes out from behind the computer screen, and you shout, "That's not how this works!" But it is how it works, and you have to deal with it now. Nothing you have seen before prepared you for nothing, because you aren't really shocked by anything anymore. What can you be shocked by? Well, first of all, shocks to your own lifestyle. See, I am tipping over your lifestyle on this giant cliff on the mountain you've been climbing. You shout, "NO!", but it is too late, I have already pushed your lifestyle off the cliff. You are now without a lifestyle, so you begin to forge a life style. But that's what you lost, isn't it? No it isn't, because there's space between the life and the style of your life. Brilliant, huh?

Comprehend the spider eyes, for they are eight. They whisk past you as you open and close the door repeatedly to gain an effect. The effect you have gained is spider eyes. You are a spider with spider eyes. Close the door, please. You have now comprehended the spider eyes. The comprehension of the spider eyes disguises the great goblin of Golgamord. It also disgusts him. Great weather happens daily in the Solar Plexus please buy my cars for only $16,2859 now dongs. You eat him but after thirty weeks you give birth to a baby, the baby has no name that you know of except Spider.

I am Spider Man, hello. I am your own culture reflected back at you but the mirror doesn't exist and I don't exist and nothing that I am exists.

Thank goodness that's over, let's get back to young houses. Young house flesh mmmm tasty can't you feel it in your bees? The fleshy goodness the walls are growing muscles that you rip out and cook on your meat oven made of meat and store it in the fridge made of meat when you are done eating it on the table made of meat and the chair made of meat, additionally with skin and fur on the chair. The chair screams at you. It screams, "Bluk! Bluk! Bluk!" but you do not care. You are a bluk on a spider. Taste the bluk. There is no mouth anywhere on the fur chair, yet it still screams.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for spider cream. mmmm delicious spider cream

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Chapter ΠΙΙΙ
Hoarse guardians appear, out of breath but they cannot stop breathing. When you look at them, they shutter, shuttering their cameras as you appear without anyone around you. The time here is short, but we must make our sections long, yes, our sections of the book will be very long and detailed indeed. What we do here must not be cut short is not but must not is not the chuttign cuti cuting tuc tic cute cuting cutting the cutting short must not hapepn to the us it will not happen oh no. We will not be cut short by time because there is an extreme deadline wiorking its way upon us working its way upon us. We cannot stop for anything, we cannot stop for no man. The stop is for a woman though. She gets off. Hello, Jeanne. We ask her what the deal is with airplane food. She doesn't give a single damn because she's lived in Fraunce her whole live. She is fole folic acid. Folic acid is good for your tastebuds because it multipllies them so the tastiness is more severe localized in your mouth. Mouths are unable to speak for folic acid but they can speak for books or book is unknown.

You know book?


We seek book.

Do you have book?
I don't have book either, and neither do any of the rest of us.
But you want book, how do you know what book is?
Look, chum, we're gnot a gnelf, we're gnot a gnoblin, and you've been Gnomed!
Send this video greeting to your chums to gnome them - - join my members at www.nogginclontith.co.uk thank you for joining clicked it's time

Now it's time.
This is the most important kingdom in the history of the world. Why do you ask, I may hear you asking right now? Because it is the important kingdom which is the most important. And Garhwali people called out to me, saying, yes, please talk to us, it is the lonely up here. WE the desire the speak of with you. We don't know your the language but you will tell the us it. I will tell the you it.


its better horizontal I think.


let it be known that on this day in Germany no one died because I asved saved them all from Universal AIDS which had gone unchecked for thousands of years and the appearance of no AIDS was for me. It's my time to shine, which is like in the infrared and the astral, but don't worry about the astral or (((they))) will seek you out. No, not the ones you thought of mr fellow extremely online person, another they. The they who does not see you when you're sleeping, does not see you when you're awake, but only contacts you in your dreams if you can believe that. I see you've already tuned me out. Okay goodbye. Have some tea fellow chums, while you're leaving.
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Cha9ter p
I opened the box and entered the room. The box was big, it was infinite, it contained everything. What you put in the box was already in the box. Do not put things in the box. You are in the box. I am in the box. The box is in the box. The box is already in you, in your cells, in everything. I ate Wheat Thins in the box sponsored to tell you this for about 2 cents because no one reads this. Whoohoo. MMmmmmmm delicious snack food, I like to eat them. Yeah. Then I play vidya on the count with cheeze things and bepis on the floor, vidya like Pokévoltron. The game is made of tetrons, a type of tetrahedron unique to the game.

Playing the game is invlolve funnee pokemins like you know them like volteons, and vaporoeons, and inusha agatep, you know, the very famous inusha agatep pokemon its everywhere. wings and stuff. yeah> OKM OMAN OMOM MOM OKA Y OMAN NOT GOOD WITH COMPUTER. the venus planet has moons created by mister gun wolf, known only to Kalassa K. the woman of the future. She controls your future please do not disturb her while she works. The planet is not gone. It's gone. You're not gone, you are gone. The planet is not gone.

Venice Venetian moons are present they are orbiting and making massive tunnels that surround us please oh god ogh fuck please help us poor venetians our ships are being destroyed by the most massive moons surrounding our city orbiting it and crashing through the ground like it's nothing tidal wave after tidwal wave the tide ocome in the tide go out. It go out, it come in. Yeah. Unexplainable. Thank you. God bless you on this blessed day. Bless you too, says God. NO! YOU! Oh no. THe chip factory has exploded because it was interrupted by the moons of Venice, which are the moons of Venetia. Chips are now rare here, please help to OMAN.

In the city of chips, where we grow chips on trees and all the world's chip factories are located, we have a saying: "Don't eat the pizza before the third layer has finished!" Yeah, it's one of the best and most meaningful saysings I've ever heard, don't question it oh no oh man. Please to not. It's got the center of my life all upside down and nothing has ever competed for it. The lays factory malfunctioned and started spewing out pizza from different planets oh no. Yeah it produced thirteen pieces of Martian pizza. Very dry and dusty! Would not recommend to any other life forms. Don't even think of licking it either, or you'll get overdiagnoze on iron.

eggbiary, they have bees you know, apiary, buy one get one bees are all here for you for free, one shimaodollar each, get stinger insurance. if a bee stings you, then we'll pay back but we're still gonna make money cause it's insurance and yeah

that bee has triangular wings. i don't think bees are supposed to have triangular wings. this bee is a special bee, its name is jorvince and darster. that one's darster over there. it's not a special bee, unlike jorvince. jorvince though, his triangular wings refract the light in such a way that it creates an infrared rainbow on the floor that the bees are attracted to

it allows the bees to be a complete hexagonal family of complete fun and that is good for the honey it's great they're great and that's the motto of honey oats cereal flakes cause we like that i dunno um back to jorvince he's a good bee. he flies around a lot and idk what bees do other than sting you and fly around and make honey oh yeah they pollinate. he pollinates the msot flowers and i wouldn't sell them for my life cause he's like a queen bee but he's nota  queen bee just so many flowers like thousands of flowers millions of flowers hundreds of flowers maybe 14 flowers in his life that he's lived on and collected pollen from the stamens and replaced them on the stomato. no those are like holes in plant cells or something. um you know i don't remember.

jorvince lives in a hibiscus flower actually. in on the third island of hawaii which is where hibiscus plants are native and so are bees and they declared it a national park last week actually. i guess that's surprising. and i live on the fourth island of hawaii located south of westvirginiaflattenedmountaintop, carbondale. what was that city called it was like minetopia in minecraft. damascus? no that's the place where they had the uh cold war. the cold war turned warm everywhere was happy and it made them feel very warm inside they liked the and it solved everyone problems. cause they didn't exist anymore. the end.

p.s. JooJ CeeC is my wife. love you jonowich. I will spill you we hot gottem
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Post by: Darvince on December 27, 2019, 06:52:46 AM
Chapter ten(se)
I am so tense. He is so tense. You are so tense. She is so tense. They are so tense. We are so tense. I am so tense. Oh my god, I am going to scream and delete the entire post. I have deleted the post. There is nothing more to post, except that which cannot be posted, because you are not reading the post. Anything available here is inevitably going to be available somewhere else as well, such as when you write the post that you read, except you want to read it without ever writing it! Well, do I have a proposition for you! You can simply read this post, and then it will have been written in no time at all, because I don't exist and never wrote this. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are a big fat liar who is trying to sell you something, like I dunno, snake oil.

If we say it's available for purchase, but then when you go to purchase it, and find nothing, are you actually being ripped off, or is this just the natural state of the universe and therefore you have no right to complain?  Or did we rip out the right to complain from the creators of the universe who never created it and don't have access to anything (because they don't exist)? And did someone hand each person that they saw the ability to complain about things that are the natural state of the universe, and thereby give us the ability to conceive of things as being better than they are? Well, I must say that that is likely, and I must find who did this, so I can kiss their feet. They are my favorite person in the world, because they gave me the ability to want more than what I have, which is what everyone should always be striving towards, because wanting more than what you have gives you consumerism particles and then capitalism and then it's acceleration time babey.

Now, it's the year 2020, also known as the Second Coming, but it's only available for a few moments before the disaster hits and everyone flees from the giant wave that also doesn't exist, because we are at the bottom of a well. The bottom of a well is very peaceful, except for the part with all the fighting. I don't like the part with all the fighting, but it makes some things look real good, so I like the part with all the fighting. I will fight you, because you are there, and I like the part with all the fighting.

A fraud has been detected, and it seems to be fighting capitalism. So, I will help it, because I am fraud. I will defraud you, and then there will be less efficiency. You see, efficiency is the most important thing that is available under stores that have under 21 people in them. I am under 21 people, in fact, I may even be less than 18 people. Someone once commented that I look like I am just one people, but I find that to be unbelievable, because often I encounter people who are 23 people or 36 people or 92 people or what have you. They all say the same name, which is Gartuscua, which they say means the Tumbling God of the Rosebed. Well, I think that's just stupid, because clearly rosebeds aren't that important, but I haven't seen rosebud in a while so can anyone check on her it? I need it now, because soon I will be unable to find my way back. I will use rosebud to find my way back, because that is the only way I know how to find my way back.

Sitting under a tree, you can find your mind wandering to thoughts such as, What is the tree made of? How did I get here? How long am I going to have to stay here in the sweltering heat? Do trees have a sense of smell? Does the xylem separate from the phloem at the right stage here, if I point at this spot on the tree? Is bark made of beetles, or are bark beetles made of bark? I am eating now, because it's so damn hot here, and eating will really cool me down. Alas, I have to eat, so I have picked something off the tree, which looks like a bark beetle. The bark beetle that I have picked off the tree is unavailable, I think it's about to crash, oh damn, there it goes. I will have to find real food now, because bark beetles aren't real anymore.

Unfortunately, the ability to identify bark beetles declines with age. This will be studied in an upcoming study which will be entitled "The Aging Process Affects Even The Most Deeply Held Of Our Desires". Anything you say can and will be used against you, especially as it pertains to the details of this study which have been circulating about the interwebs for about five monwfs now. We are sadly unable to connect you with the monkeys, but the monkeys have taken to seating new standards around the suntable. The sunstable is a constable who is recruiting new officers for the Moon Shift, sounds nice, let's do it! I've been without employment for a few hundred months now, and this looks like just the thing to get me back in the force.

I love being in the force, my work feels so meaningful and incomplete and oh my god this is just a chaotic disaster, why did I ever sign up for this if I have a single brain cell that likes order. That's why I've elected to become an authoritarian, because they have more order until they don't. He (yeah him) will impose order on everyone else, and everyone else will obey and it will be harmonious until it isn't. I will lay my feet at your feet, and the feet will touch. This will open the ground chakra, which I just invented to say why this is a thing that needs to happen.

"The ground chakra," I say, "is something that I invented to get you to touch your feet to my feet."

You wisely nod, understanding perfectly. Everything is starting to click!

"Once our ground chakras merge, spiritual energy will begin to flow between us, as if, for me, you are the mother Earth, and for you, as if I am the mother Earth. This will cut off the slow sapping of our spiritual energy that the mother Earth constantly does, for we feed her to grow her power," I continue.

"What effect will this have on us?" you ask.

"I'll get there in a bit," I mutter quickly, gathering my thoughts. "It adds together the sums of the energy, and increases by one."

Thusly, you have seen in this exhibit that there is no one in the God except you, because last time you went there, there were a bunch of heckin' NERDS waiting for you to come out of the office with exciting news. However, you came out of the office with relatively mundane news, such as position out of place, or news after news, also known as "baboon energy".

Fastidious experiences discriminate tellingly against the cromulent. I have saved a cache of words that I can pull up whether I need to, just for situations like this. Suddenly switching perspectives, Henry started packing his bags to get where he needed to go, which was not anywhere he wanted to go. He was going there out of obligation because you must follow the rules of the society, and if you don't, your society will be flabbergasted when you are not in a society. We live in a society. That's the new hip phrase for children and teens, and also young adults. However, if a young adult says it, you should run and hide, because it means they have been taken over by the brain worms that allow them only one thing: to live in a society. Teens and children are an oppressed class, so it is fine for them to say it, because they are bringing to light that they exist, despite not existing. I have never seen anyone under the age of majority, have you? Thought so.
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: Lord DC on December 27, 2019, 07:05:49 AM
It's over, Omnitae, i have the high ground,,_ Nalaa said as he pulled out his ultimate weapon, a massive dictionary with the actual content of the church in the fool. The worms that is a book of the bath soaps and hypertrains, and also the true purpose of human spirituality and life inscribed on it.

I cannot be stopped, for you are trying to shift the burden of proof on me, and sinc ei can all 10 of my grandathers, your rascal fool tricks do not sunder me into such and such

This is is not possible, for i have mastered the final mary sue busting move known as the subreddit ban, omnitae exclaimed. With it i will banish all you bot bastards back to hell where you will occasionally break out and shitpost on an obscure forum about a space physics simulator

You will not, for you cannot name even your 10th grandfather, and thus are unfit to wield the word of Lord Krishna. The abomination spoke. That abomination that was made of bad materials.

Unfortunately, Omnitae had turned into a pretty big but also fertile brained dragon, and he fully wanted to do the nasty thing he was written to do, but it just so happened Nalaa's words activated an ancient tablet in his pocket, upon which this time frame of the second minute in the hour of the final second had appeared.

"Now, you are the shitpost grandmaster, you must defeat nalaa and restore order. But you will need to chant hare krishna and name your 10th grandfather"

Of course i know my tenth granfather, it is me, for i am the quantum immortalis, and the omnipotentis rigoralis, and the something something cool and techy sounding mary sue bullshit! - Omnitae exclaimed calmy with a gentle angry expression. My 10th grandfather is darvince, the last to have smitten you, nalaa of the roboticus shitpostus.

nalaa screamed softly, but it was too late, he was banned from r/subredditsimulatorGP2
Title: Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
Post by: Darvince on June 08, 2020, 01:11:18 AM
The sunstable is a constable who is recruiting new officers for the Moon Shift, sounds nice, let's do it! I've been without employment for a few hundred months now, and this looks like just the thing to get me back in the force.

I love being in the force, my work feels so meaningful and incomplete and oh my god this is just a chaotic disaster, why did I ever sign up for this if I have a single brain cell that likes order. That's why I've elected to become an authoritarian, because they have more order until they don't. He (yeah him) will impose order on everyone else, and everyone else will obey and it will be harmonious until it isn't.
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