This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Giant Army is looking for a producer to help in our continued development on Universe Sandbox ², a space and gravity simulator with a 94% positive rating on Steam.

You will work closely with the project lead with the overall goal of making Universe Sandbox ² even more realistic, accessible, and awesome. You will also work with the team as a whole to organize and prioritize tasks and projects, while helping ensure goals are met within established time-frames. You must be self-directed, organized, and an excellent communicator.

We hope you join us in making something incredible that’s never been done before.

Universe Sandbox ² - 20160401-003218

Your Role

  • Work with the team to help change the way people think about our amazing universe and fragile planet
  • Work closely with Dan, the project director, to discuss, articulate, and execute on the project goals
  • Maintain a broad view of the project to ensure it is oriented toward these long-term goals each step of the way
  • Work with each team member to maintain a clear vision of their individual progress and stay on track towards goals in established time-frames
  • Maintain, prioritize, and coordinate plans for projects which involve multiple team members
  • Help make decisions and provide possible solutions to problems

Ideal Candidate

  • Interested by physics simulations and fantastical what-if scenarios: (note citation #6 on 148)
  • Experience with software/video game/educational development, having worked with both artists and programmers
  • Has educational, business, and/or marketing acumen
  • Has experience as a lead or in some role managing others
  • Has ideas for improving production and an understanding of agile methodologies
  • Ability to meet in person at least once a week in Seattle, WA, United States (or willing to relocate), but we will consider outstanding candidates from anywhere in the world (without relocation)

Mandatory Qualifications

  • Excited about science & improving the user experience
  • Self-directed, comes up with good ideas and executes them
  • Enthusiasm for the project’s science-focused vision
  • Energized by meetings, personal interactions, and problem solving
  • Personable and energized by working with a wide-variety of personalities

Company Overview

Giant Army is the company behind Universe Sandbox, a space simulator that’s sold hundreds of thousands of copies on Steam. Our headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, USA, with team members in Arizona, Missouri, Germany, and Denmark.

Team members enjoy a flexible, collaborative environment. We pursue the features that get us excited about science. We do the work so that we can share that with others. We’re also committed to creating an accessible experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

Science is for everyone, and we welcome all qualified applicants.

Product Overview

Universe Sandbox ² is our core product that lets the user explore and learn about our amazing universe and fragile planet while creating and destroying on a scale they’ve never before imagined. It’s more than a game; it’s a way of experiencing and learning about reality in a way that’s never been done before. Early alpha access now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to Apply

This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Email us: jobs at

In the email please include:

  • Relevant email subject
  • Link to or copy of your resume or CV
  • Answer to the following two questions:
    • What is the most appealing part of this opportunity?
    • Why would you be a good producer on this project?
  • Where you originally heard about this job posting