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Author Topic: Surface Data Always Goes to Default  (Read 1202 times)


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Surface Data Always Goes to Default
« on: July 05, 2020, 12:27:25 PM »
I asked this on the Steam discussion section a few days ago but have no answer.

The surface data never saves when I save the game or an object. So if I save a planet that has terrain that is 45 KM high for example and then I load it up and put it in another simulation or even into the same one again it goes to the default surface data of 21 KM which can mess up how snowy and cold the planet looks. And even if its a normal save of a simulation and not a single object this occurs. So say I have 4 planets and each are around a different star, one has 10 KM, one has 50 KM, one has 30 KM and one has 75 KM high terrain, loading the save back up will put them all to the default of 21.

And I thought at first the new update having the ability to turn snow off would fix this too, but it too comes back on once loaded back up. So the issue is that it wouldn't look like I want it when I share it in the workshop, it looks too snowy and neither methods of getting rid of that saves properly (as lower terrain means less snow, and 21 KM normally shows a decent amount of snow across the planet)

So any ideas why this is happening and a way to maybe fix it?