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The Extremes of Our Solar System | Update 21.3

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This small update features a new Parker Solar Probe model and new simulations exploring extremes in our Solar System:

- Skim past the Sun with the Parker Solar Probe.

- Fly by what will be the farthest object ever visited by spacecraft, Ultima Thule.

- And find out what happens if our Sun is replaced by one of the largest known stars in the universe, Betelgeuse.

We are still making slow but steady progress on our larger feature updates. Thanks for everyone's patience!

Learn more about Update 21.3

What are your larger feature updates?


--- Quote from: Cesare on October 12, 2018, 03:55:54 PM ---What are your larger feature updates?

--- End quote ---
Right now, we are working on bigger features like Planet Grids and support for Steam Workshop.

Thank you so much for giving me the positive news on what you are working on. I am so excited about the planet grids feature that you have explained on your 2017 roadmap that I read. I hope that planet grids will open up the doors to many possibilities and exciting features like you mention on your 2017 roadmap.

By the way, will you make an updated roadmap for 2018/2019?

We eventually will create a new roadmap, but right now, it is essentially the same as before.  :)


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