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Author Topic: BUG: Typing a number into the color properties box activates corresponding funct  (Read 2008 times)


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Not sure how to describe the bug in that short a space in the subject line.

When you open up the color editor in the physical properties tab and type in a number that is on the list of controls (including '1') into any of the color property boxes, it also activates the same thing in the simulation itself.


1. Select any object

2. go to physical properties tab and open the color editor

3. type a number such as, say, '6' into any of the color options.

4. observe the gravity being set to negative after you click okay.

It is easily avoidable by either simply pausing US so that you can change the gravity back to where it was or just use the target thing and the slider and not type into the color property boxes.

Dan, since you'll certainly have a different interface for the color in US3, maybe as a short term fix you can make those keys activated by ctrl+number?

As a side note, pressing '1' creates a solar system style 'asteroid belt' dust ring, which isn't mentioned in the controls list. Not sure if that one is a leftover or something, but it has no real effect on the sim itself. Unless of course, you have dust already in the system which you don't want to delete if you accidentially get that up.

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I'll be releasing a minor bug fix update (no new features) later this month. I'll aim to address this then.

Thanks for the report and the clear duplication steps.