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Author Topic: color mode goes wierd when I use 3D and US crashes when I turn on 3D & use Fraps  (Read 2520 times)


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I suck at summarizing in that short of a subject line.

Anyways, I suspect my graphics card or Fraps may have something to do with the crash (unless someone else can confirm it crashes when you try to turn on 3D mode and you are having Fraps record)

First of all, I've noticed that when I turn on 3D mode, it doesn't turn off properly, rather it makes the c key act like its turning 3D on and off and it just stays on 3D mode when I press shift+c or c (it will either randomly turn on and off or disable for modes that don't support 3D) and when I press ctrl+c it will sometimes do the color mode changes. It can randomly fix itself as it happened at least once, but a save, exit and restart fixes it.

As far as the crash goes, it doesn't crash when I don't have Fraps on record mode, so that may be a different issue.

I would have done a video since I thought it would explain better, but something is causing a conflict with Fraps and the movie mode in US doesn't record the UI.

I have a GeForce 8600M GT, if more information is needed, I can post up a DxDiag.
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