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« on: June 29, 2017, 02:53:10 AM »
So I'm creating this topic to have a central place to discuss postmodernism and everything that it has done to our society and will nearly inevitably continue to do to our society. At first I'm expecting that most of the posts in this topic will be by me and those that aren't will be quite short, but you're wholly invited to share whatever you think about postmodernism or talk about it in any constructive way you want to.

At its core, postmodernism is the philosophy or belief that there is no separation between facts and beliefs. There are at least some people who do have a separation between facts and beliefs, and for them beliefs are divided into both facts and opinions.

In a diagram, it would look like this:
My beliefs = me, my truth
Others' beliefs = them, their truth

Other people:
My beliefs = facts, my opinions
Others' beliefs = facts, their opinions

Now, since we do not have infinite time nor resources to invest in becoming the most correct, for all of us there are some things we regard as facts or as truths that are not facts, that is, they are not true. We usually solve this by ignoring that we hold a belief that is false, or by accusing people who hold the true belief of all sorts of different things. Very rarely will we acknowledge that they are correct and change our beliefs. So, doing this must not mean that you are a postmodernist.

However, a habit of regarding entire people as either aligning with your truth or being diametrically opposed to your truth is an indication of inner conflict, not that they are incorrect in all things. And it is possible to resolve inner conflict.
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