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Author Topic: Our Understanding of Gravity  (Read 5994 times)

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Our Understanding of Gravity
« on: November 25, 2017, 12:13:27 PM »
   Upon further research and inquiry, evidence has been presented to further the explaination of gravity of which is not a force unto itself or even a force caused by or inherently present in bodies that have mass, but rather is just one of the effects of the warping of space-time.  "Bodies that have mass are the cause of gravity" is a commonly held misconception.  It is in fact bodies with "energy" that can cause the warpation of space-time - this includes Earth and even photons. This statement does mean that bodies with mass can cause the curvature of space-time (i.e. "E=mc"), but Newton's approximation of gravity ("F = GMm/R") excludes light.
   To understand this concept better, let us visualize two bodies in space with one being much larger than the other one.  The larger body - l - energy causes a warpation in space-time that in turn causes the smaller body - s - to follow this curver path.  Depending on the degree of deviation (how much the body curverd space-time), s will or will not make contact with l, but s's velocity will have been changed by l.  Gravity cannot be observed unless their are at least two bodies - l and s - present in the system.  The best representation of this would be the science demonstrations done across the world in science museums.  A bowling ball is placed on a trampoline which causes the trampoline's fabric to warp. Marbles are then placed on the trampoline and proceed to rotate around the bowling ball until they come to a stop - always "attracted" to the bowling ball. The bodies or their masses did not cause the attraction between them - it was in fact the warped trampoline fabric. 
   Another way to imagine this would be to picture only one body - l - in existence in the the entirety of the Universe.  L causes the the warping of space-time, but becuase their is no other body to interact with the curverd space-time, gravity is not observed non-objectively.  Upon revisiting the trampoline-bowling ball analogy, the bowling ball causes a warpation of space-time, but without any marbles, gravity is not observed non-objectively.
   To put simply, bodies with energy cause the curvature of space-time, which in turn creates the effect we perceive as gravity.  Bodies with mass can be the cause of gravity, but do so indirectly.

"Disclaimer: This is not accepted in the scientific community as a whole, it is just my interpretation of gravity. Thank you."


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Re: Our Understanding of Gravity
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2020, 03:17:28 AM »

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Re: Our Understanding of Gravity
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