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Author Topic: Crash at Startup  (Read 3497 times)


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Crash at Startup
« on: June 06, 2009, 11:12:11 AM »
Universe Sandbox runs great on my old Desktop PC at work, however, my Desktop at home will not run it. It crashes at startup....


AMD Athlon x2 6500+
4GB PC2-6400
500GB SATA WD Blue
200GB SATA Seagate Barracuda
Windows Vista SP1 (64Bit)
ATI Radeon HD4670

Installed all of the updates for Visual C Runtimes.. and .NET
Still no Go.

My Brother has the almost Identical PC, but he is running Vista SP1 (32Bit) - It runs fine on his machine......
Just a little disappointed that it wont run at home, after all, i did pay for it.....

Any Ideas?Thanx


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Re: Crash at Startup
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2009, 03:13:06 PM »
I had a similar problem with the stand-alone installer, because there is a dependency on Lucida Sans Regular (if I remember the font name correctly), which just causes a crash (really ugly, I couldn't even get info what is wrong until I fired up a debugger).

If it is the same issue, you can fix it by running the click-once installer instead (seems to install that font automatically).

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Re: Crash at Startup
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2009, 11:53:07 AM »
It crashes at startup....

What is the exact message do you get when it crashes?

Does it give you the options of sending a crash report? (if so please send one indicating that you're timmay1369 from the forums)