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Author Topic: Rotation Speed - Axial Tilt - Spin, Tidal Lock - Star Light  (Read 3609 times)

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Rotation Speed - Axial Tilt - Spin, Tidal Lock - Star Light
« on: January 08, 2009, 09:18:29 PM »
Here's an email I recieved recently. I thought I'd share the questions and answers with everyone.

I was wondering, is there any way to change an objects' rotation speed or axial tilt, and is there any way to make an object appear to spin as though it is tidally locked to its parent?

Also, when the light source problem is solved, how will you take binary star systems into account?

Rotation Speed
It used to be adjustable, but it's broken in the current release. I expect to fix this in the next release (probably this weekend).

Axial Tilt
No, this is not adjustable outside of editing XML files. This has been requested a number of times and hope to add it in the next few months.

Appear to Spin as if Tidally Locked
Yes, but only with an <Action> command in the system's XML file. You can see this working in the "Halo at the L1..." system. The command is this:
Code: [Select]
<Action>rotationperiod=faceparent</Action>It works for this system, but hasn't been well tested. Let me know if you try it and have any problems.

Light Source Problem
Yes. Once this is fixed all stars will illuminate light. I'm expect to support many lights simultaneously (although additional lights will make the simulation run slower than with just a few).