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20 Earth Languages & 12 Jovian Moons | Update 21

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Universe Sandbox now supports 20 languages, with support for adding even more in the future.

This update also includes Jupiterís 12 recently discovered moons. The gas giant now has a total of 79 known moons!

Learn more about Update 21:

Gurren Lagann TSS:
Cesare, your long awaited update came!

Man, I cant wait to try Update 21 out once I get my new graphics card!

I've just registered to leave this message.
I have been fond of Astronomy for almost 4 months that I follow this emulator through youtube but I have not yet bought it because I was waiting with a little hope that they would have translated it into multi languages, especially in ITALIAN !!
When I had found out that this emulator would have translated it into multi languages I had hoped that they would translate it into my language so I could buy it and then have fun but ...... when I saw that they were translated into many languages except ITALIAN I took it badly!!!!!
I really hoped that it was in my language because as an astronomer enthusiast this Emulator was perfect to learn something interesting but as I repeat ..... see NOT TRANSLATED FOR MY LANGUAGE was a disappointment STRONG !!!!
Shame really ...... AN OPPORTUNITY LOST !!!

Marco73, sorry, this was actually due to an error. You can see Italian on our translation project here: https://crowdin.com/project/universe-sandbox

But due to an error, it was not included in-game. We fixed this on our end and will hopefully be able to release an update with this fix today. I'll edit this post once Italian is included.  :) Edit: Italian is now included!

And as we mention in the blog post, if anyone else wants to see a language that isn't currently included, just let us know! We are taking requests and we will make an attempt to add any languages that are in high demand.

Goodness me. Is this the so called Update 21? I was hoping for the release of planet grids and lasers.

I have now a new desktop PC. Its an 8 core, AMD Ryzen 7 with 2x 8TB hard drives, 16GB RAM and 1920x1080 HD monitor. Universe Sandbox 2 will run blazingly fast on that system.


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