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Author Topic: A few questions.  (Read 1400 times)


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A few questions.
« on: June 08, 2018, 02:16:58 PM »

1: Is there some reason all terrestrial planets are locked with a non oxygen atmosphere, I've created around 50 planets, seeded them with water and placed them in the habitable region of a star yet each of them keeps recording a greenhouse effect of plus 600 to 700 degrees Celsius.

Its kind of a mood breaker when your earth sized planet can only allow liquid water with an atmosphere pressure at the surface of 0.1 bar at a distance of 1 AU from the sun.

2: Are planets meant to lose up to eighty percent of their mass in an impact? It just looks weird when you smack Uranus into Jupiter and you wind up with a planet that's smaller than both of them.

I'm also puzzled how large fragments and gasses knocked just free of the planets surface will just shrink rapidly and vanish instead of falling back down to the surface.

3: The new launch tool is broken for me. Everything I fire at a planet or star at auto speed gets rammed straight into the larger object surface despite the firing angle unless I enter into the object and increase it speed manually.

I get that you wanted to do a cool sling shot option, but in this case you fubar'd a functioning component to do something that could already be done by increasing an objects starting speed and adjusting the angle correctly.


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Re: A few questions.
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 01:39:39 PM »
All great questions, Modochi. I'll try to answer some of these the best I can.

1 - I'm having trouble replicating this. Using a random rocky planet placed ~1AU from the Sun, with surface pressure ~1.0 bar, I don't see greenhouse effects anywhere near that high. Can you give a step-by-step process for getting these values? That will help us a lot in seeing where the issue is. :)

2 - We're working on some improvements to this. The issue comes down to performance. While the collisions can calculate and conserve the correct mass, it can be lost from the performance system culling fragments and particles, which is why you see some things shrinking and disappearing. We agree there is a lot of room for making this better, though a perfect solution is tricky.

3 - Thanks for the feedback on this. The idea was to make it easier to use Launch to put things into orbit around another object, to mirror the functionality in VR. I think this needs tweaking to make more sense on desktop, though. Regardless, the functionality should be the same as before if you toggle the Auto Launch Velocity right below the Launch button (Velocity can be manually set below that).