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« on: March 10, 2018, 02:49:38 AM »
My life:
mid 1999-late 2002: not conscious
late 2002-mid 2005: screwing around (a few memories here and there)
mid 2005-late 2007: first school & being obnoxious unintentionally (the memories here feel like they're from literally a different person)
late 2007-early 2009: first wave of depression, outlook changes rapidly (school memories/home memories become disconnected)
early 2009-early 2010: i start using the computer for more and more of my free time and stop reading as much and become interested in astronomy programs (first appearance of sexuality & self-conscious attitude)
early 2010-mid 2010: simcity 4, using gravity simulator and discovering universe sandbox, and i become social and gain friendships
mid 2010-mid 2011: (coincidentally 6th grade) beginning of usf period, last stand of my religious beliefs to my developing new worldview, second wave of depression here
mid 2011-mid 2012: (coincidentally 7th grade) a depressed disaster but the intensifying shitposting makes up for it, most-friend-ness period
mid 2012-mid 2013: (coincidentally 8th grade) better mentally, jealousy and repressed sexuality as well as fun trips, it reaches my subconscious that i am a gayuality, joining interguild
mid 2013-late 2013: first hs that i didn't like and my unconscious made my back hurt all the time as a result, joining the clique and screwing with interguild, becoming interested in linguistics
late 2013-december 1, 2014: third wave of depression, participating in the clique and becoming closer friends with thomas&jorster, conscious participation in gayness
december 1, 2014-may 21, 2015: dreamland, first time of treatment for depression, slowly moving away from the clique and regaining interest in meteorology from second and third periods
may 21, 2015-august 20, 2016: a complete disaster in school and missing lots of days (two narratives of my life in my mind fighting for dominance)
august 20, 2016-june 22, 2017: i become a NEET in denial, arctic sea ice forum & freaking out about climate change time (one narrative wins but "i" deny that it has won)
june 22, 2017-now: philosophyvince, or, true NEET status (i accept the narrative that won)
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Re: periods
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actual truth: i was born about 5 hours ago and i will die 6 to 12 hours from now


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Re: periods
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1999-2001: no memories at all.
2002-2004: very few memories of New York. Remember going to the park, some paranormal shit, and getting ice cream from the ice cream truck. Spongebob ones too!! I vaguely remember moving to Florida and the whole road trip we took. I think I remember staying at an apartment building in Atlanta or at least somewhere in Georgia the night before we got to Florida.
2004-2007: Barely remember kindergarten thru 2nd grade. I do remember 1st grade. My teacher was Ms. Griggers. Apparently she was the one that told my parents that I may have autism or some form of it. I liked her a lot. Last time I saw her was in 5th grade (2009-2010) Also, DISNEYYYY. I first went there in 2006.
2007-2010: more elementary school stuff. This was when I was really into meteorology, as well as volcanoes, earthquakes, and of course space. I also started using the internet sometime in 2006-2007. I remember my first ever internet search was from the back cover of a froot loops cereal box.
2010-2013: Middle school. Registered on usf near the end of 7th grade. Started disliking school in 8th grade.
2013-2017: High school. Dad got laid off from work in october of 2014. My life changed from that point. Moved to Orlando. 11th and 12th grade was blegh aside from friends. I wish I could be more happy about graduation.
Mid 2017-now: Taking a "break" for a year. Plan to attend Valencia College this fall. Also trying to get a job. Mild depression. Personal dilemmas. Video games and basketball all day every day. Fun.
I probably missed out on some important details but this is a gist of things i guess