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More Super Supernovae | Update 20.6

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This is another small update, but we want to highlight how awesome our new supernovae look now. Thanks to our graphics developer, Georg, for all of his wizardry involved in making these look even cooler, all the while making them perform better, too.

Learn more about Update 20.6

Marc B:
I bought the program US2 last year  from TG and now it has stopped offering free updates at 20.4.1.
So apparently I need to buy it again to update?? Why?

Marc, sorry for the delay. You do not need to buy it again.

There have only been two updates since 20.4.1, both within the last 10 days. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get the TeacherGaming versions on their store, as it is a different process. I've contacted them to remind them to make Update 20.6 available as soon as possible.

Marc B:
Awesome thanks!

Thank you for the update! The Supernovae look cool and it runs way better on my computer. :D


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