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As Austritistanian tried to explain, the Earth needs to rotate slightly more than once to complete a day so it needs to rotate slightly faster than 1 once per day.

I do not understand why the Earth needs to rotate slightly more than once for a complete 24 hour day. That is unusual.

The position of the Sun in the sky determines our day. Since the Earth goes around the Sun once a year, we lose 1 day per year. The Earth actually spins 366.25 times for every trip around the Sun.

It is clear that Universe Sandbox 2 must now have an engine upgrade to make simulations run faster, smoother, and with more accuracy and performance. Also a huge demand by me and other people on this forum is that Universe Sandbox 2 must also have much better graphics. The graphics look like graphics from the 1990s computer games. I really find it so strange that now in 2018 we still have graphics similar to the 1990s era.

I am aware how tough and difficult it is for those brave developers working behind the scenes to create and further develop Universe Sandbox 2, but I would really appreciate if Universe Sandbox 2 had much, much better and shaper graphics, plus eliminating all of the annoying bugs and glitches that this universe simulator currently have. The quality of graphics is the number one important aspect to a good universe simulator so, I hope that much better and sharper graphics will be implemented in Update 21 hopefully.

I am so excited for the upcoming release of Update 21. For those of you who are aware of the news features, please can you explain to me in detail what kind of features are expected to come in Update 21.

I just want to learn more about Update 21.


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