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Explore the recently discovered exoplanet Ross 128 b and the first observed interstellar visitor ‘Oumuamua in A New Exoplanet & Interstellar Messenger | Update 20.3 of Universe Sandbox ², now available!

See Ross 128 b and ‘Oumuamua in Universe Sandbox ²:
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I like those two simulations. I am looking forward to see more simulations of newly discovered solar system very soon.

i was thinking Ross 128b had an more circular orbit

I love it, I agree with felipe, I would think that it would have a more  circular orbit to be habitable. Running the simulation, I noticed that the surface temperature heated up to around 60+ Celsius which seems a little hot for a habitable planet. I also am looking forward to the atmospheric entry phase, which will look really cool. Watching an asteroid, or a large object launched at a planet, and watch it burn up, and break into pieces.

Yes, me too, I am patiently waiting for the atmospheric entry phase update which causes asteroids to burn up and break down into pieces when enter a planet's atmosphere.


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