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Author Topic: If the game goes into the education system .... Is it possible ...?  (Read 223 times)


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       I know the others. I think that some If you want to post this article on Facebook. No doubt it would be very long until I read this post the first to say that difficult too. It is impossible I was asked to imagine "If it is possible it will be useful or not? How? Rather than just "

       All I see is you. He did not try to protect themselves or deliberately not proof of anything, what is good or bad, I'd like to see. Some might mention just a few views. Please use judgment

       It really is a game that helps me a lot about education. When most kids in love. Why is the government or a section of a container with no education into the curriculum so now. Where's it like playing games. Back to the home does not have to do homework. The house is to play games. it Both Ways Even those on the language of this very scientific knowledge. It's common knowledge that exists. Phone games, many games still practice traditional ways of thinking, decision making, problem solving, it really has not filled out yet they know it. Chance to think about the games they call the Total war Total war games are tighter than this knowledge, history undergraduate, master's, there are also games such Simulators. Simulate many things a lot. There are also games Detective Many games help spark ideas and interests to continue to conscientiously do so many of you have comments or suggestions thread.