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Author Topic: Alot of suggestion for future updates  (Read 1019 times)


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Alot of suggestion for future updates
« on: July 30, 2017, 03:57:33 PM »
Hey there, i would like to see climate simulation on other planets than Earth and Mars, which means a tidally locked planet  would freeze over in the dark side and water boil away on the day side, but however, not ALL tidally locked planets are like this, if sufficient strong atmospheric winds are present, the wind will even out the temperature, so i would also like to see a "atmospheric wind speed" box where you can tast in the atmospheric wind (in Earth's case 320 km/h or 88.9 m/s). On tidally locked planets, the stronger the atmospheric wind, the more evenly is the temperature distributed across the planet (the planet will lose atmosphere over time if the wind speed is higher than escape velocity, tho). The clouds of tidally locked planets without high atmospheric wind speeds is a giant cyclone storm, which rises the planet's albedo (depending on cloud composition). Another suggestion is to have automatic albedo, like choose the amount of clouds on a planet (except for tidally locked ones) to rise or lower the albedo of the planet, you can also change the albedo by changing the composition, which brings in another suggestion, in the "materials" tab, there can be an "atmospheric composition" which controls the atmospheric color and co-work with the thickness of the atmosphere to control the greenhouse effect, it will also control the cloud composition and some of the materials will be disabled if the temperature isn't in the gaseous range of that material, if the planet has no atmosphere, the "atmospheric composition" will be disabled. I will suggest a little tweak in the main planet composition, where there can be more chemicals to work with, such as various types of salts, metals, alkaline metals, organics (which includes alcohol), silicates, non-organic room temperature gases, non-organic room temperature liquids etc. It will be cool to make a rocky planet made out of oxygen, or a ocean planet made out of liquid nitrogen, or maybe a hot Jupiter gas giant made primarily out of silicates instead of hydrogen, what i will say here is i hope future updates makes it possible to create every type of planet using every type of material as long as the temperatures are right. In the nowadays version of US2, when an ocean planet rises over 100C, the planet turns rocky, but in future updates, i hope when an ocean planet's temperature exceeds the boiling point, it turns into a gas planet, which physically is supposed to increase the radius of the planet. I also suggest is in the "materials" tab, if there's a "solved in ocean ingredients" will be great, here you can choose any chemicals that's solved into the primary liquid chemical.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but i dont expect it to come in one update, if even any of them will come in any updates. I just hope they will (or at least some of them will) come out sometimes in far future updates.


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Re: Alot of suggestion for future updates
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2017, 09:23:09 AM »
Next time use separate paragraphs for each suggestion, nobody likes a wall of text.  ;)