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Author Topic: What programming language should I use for my project, similar to this?  (Read 2793 times)


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For this thing called an Extended Project Qualification (an optional A-level [Like AP's] equivalent) I've decided to create a 3D model of nearby stars and stuff. What I'm looking for is like the No Man's Sky warp interface crossed with a Universe Sandbox type info-box on right click (though more palatable than just numbers).

My question is which language do I use? I know not much about programming (Moderate experience with HTML, Batch, Scratch and VB). It's possible this project is too big for the time I have (they said it should take 90 hours, and I have a few months to do it in) but what I want is basically PowerPoint in 3d.

I want to at least zoom in and out, and re-centre the view on a different point by clicking on it. When clicking on an object I want an info-box to appear either anchored to that object or just in a particular place in the screen. I'd love to be able to orient and place these objects around the centrepoint (the sun) at quite specific angles and distances. I'd absolutely love to make custom glowy appearances for each object.

I've heard Unity suggested, along with C+(+) or C# (can't remember, oops) and a Truevision3d thing suggested by a dev for universe sandbox in an old thread.

Any ideas are appreciated. Sorry I rambled.