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Author Topic: In VR: Issue Scaling the Simulation While Attached to a Moving Body [BUG][KNOWN]  (Read 1787 times)


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While using a Vive headset and controllers, scaling the universe with the grip buttons works just fine in most cases. However, once I have used the Attach command in the Fly tool to follow an object in in motion, attempting to scale the simulation using the grip buttons results in flying away from the object with everything shrinking. Further attempts to scale at this point only continue to cause everything to shrink. Nevertheless, once I have detached from an object, scaling with the grip buttons functions normally.
For example, the issue will occur while attached to Mimas in its orbit in the Saturn with Rings Simulation, but it will not happen while I am not attached to any body.
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Re: In VR: Issue Scaling the Simulation While Attached to a Moving Body [BUG]
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Sorry for the issue. The "Attach" function certainly has some issues, and we're aware that attempting to grip-scale while attached causes problems. Hopefully we'll have this fixed for our next VR update!  :)


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Great. Thank you for the info, Jar.
Everything in the program is truly impressive in VR, and I look forward to seeing how far you all go with it.