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Author Topic: Questions about Universe Sandbox 2  (Read 1605 times)


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Questions about Universe Sandbox 2
« on: December 20, 2016, 03:59:36 PM »
I'm new to the forums and only just discovered this program.  It looks intriguing.  I have tried reading through the forums for answers to my questions, but I have not been successful.  So if these questions have already been answered, I apologize.  Please just re-direct me to the place where I can find the answers.  Here are my questions about what this program can or cannot do:
Can Universe Sandbox 2 simulate the following:
1. Earth with no moon (and its effect on the planet)?
2. Earth with two or more moons?
3. Life on the moon (vegetation and so forth) orbiting a larger planet that doesn't have life?
4. Another "earth" in the same orbital path as the Earth?
5. Earth with a smaller sun (or younger sun or older sun)?
6. Earth with a binary sun system? Earth with a trinary system?
7. Earth with the moon closer or farther away in its orbital path?
8. Another solar system passing near or through the Sol system?
9. Collision of an object into earth beyond just the immediate impact (effects over time - years later - even centuries)?
a. asteroid (small, medium, large sizes - various material compositions)
b. comet
c. dwarf planet
10. Effect of a solar flare on the Earth (near miss, slight impact, massive impact, and so forth)?
11. Simulate the capturing of an object (such as a large asteroid) to enter the orbit of the Earth - gaining a second moon?
12. Simulate the explosion of a star near the Sol system (such as one of the suns in Alpha Centauri exploding or going supernova)?

Thank you for the forthcoming replies.  I look forward to discovering the answers.


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Re: Questions about Universe Sandbox 2
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2016, 11:03:00 PM »
1. Earth having no moon won't really effect it.
2. Yes, you can have as many moons as you'd like, but if you place them too near to each other, be warned that there's a high chance of collision!
3. US2 currently does not simulate life at all and climate simulation is limited to Earth and Mars, so no.
4. Yes, you can do this, there's even a stress test with (I think) 100 earths all in the same orbit (don't ask me how this stays stable as I have no idea)
5. Depends. If you want to change the sun type, due to the mass change, you'd have to change the orbit back, but having different types of suns won't effect Earth much other than if you change the sun type and keep the orbit as-is, the different luminosity will cause different temperatures, but thats about all.
6. You'd have to design this yourself but other than temperature it wouldn't effect Earth much.
7. You can do this easily.
8. Yes, you can do this by using the launch tool or encounters tab in create for the star and putting planets in orbits around the other star.
9. Effects like that aren't implemented yet but may be one day, depends on what the devs want to do.
10. Solar flares are in game currently but they don't effect anything.
11. This most likely could be done but you'd have to do the velocity calculations yourself beforehand to make sure it happens, as such an occurrence is extremely unlikely on its own especially if you don't have thousands of asteroids is highly eliptical orbits that cross Earth's or go very near it.
12. This can be done but it takes a few years for the effects to reach the sol system and even at that aren't much but it can be done.