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Author Topic: Names of your Stuffed Animals  (Read 1034 times)


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Names of your Stuffed Animals
« on: October 07, 2016, 01:46:07 PM »
nostalgia time

i imagine you people might have/had stuffed animals

boast about your huge collection or your absolute favorites here

i have like... three families of dolphins (each with four members) and a whole basket of those audubon birds which make their call when you squeeze them, and every single one of them had names, so i'm going to try to remember them all. i know the dolphin families much better though:

The Dolphin family
Cracker - my first dolphin, from Sea World, he likes to eat crackers
Sarah - Cracker's wife i guess, she came from San Diego and it says 'welcome to california' on her or something
Crum - the son, he's like a little part of cracker, he's a really small blue dolphin and was like my 2nd or 3rd
Striker - the daughter, i think she's like a beanie baby type stuffed animal

The Orca family
Thrasher - my first orca, probably my 2nd or 3rd dolphin, from Sea World
Nicole - a smaller, fluffy orca, idk from where
Basher - the son, he bashes things probably, a beanie baby orca
Flasher - the daughter, she's fast i guess, also one of the beanie baby orcas (so the same type as Basher)

The other dolphin family
Anitqtl - a newer version of "Cracker" from Sea World, in my dolphin world canon he was evil but his empire was defeated and he became good
Dolomite - an interesting dolphin, a different type from the rest and idk where from, also probably a different species (most of the dolphins are presumably bottlenose, but she has white markings near her eyes, kind of like orcas or a spinner dolphin or sth)
Erbium-Flower - the daughter, she is blue and has lots of flower designs on her
??? - there is no son

Another Orca
Kentar - my newest dolphin I think, newer version of "Thrasher", he's the last one from Sea World the last time I went there

i'm not sure i remember my birds, there are like 30 something of them, i'd have to go home and look through them to remember them all but here are some of their absolutely top quality names

Chickadee - one of my oldest stuffed animals ever, probably some sort of chick, not a chickadee
Chicey (pronounced "chick-ee") - actually a Chickadee
Guolduen (pronounced "golden", idk man) - a goldfinch
Banky - he likes to bank when he flies idk what bird doesn't do that but sure, no idea what species
etc etc


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Re: Names of your Stuffed Animals
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2016, 03:52:59 PM »
Chickadee - one of my oldest stuffed animals ever, probably some sort of chick, not a chickadee
Chicey (pronounced "chick-ee") - actually a Chickadee

lmao love the mixup