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Author Topic: StarFox - What is Solar?  (Read 2246 times)


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StarFox - What is Solar?
« on: July 27, 2016, 11:40:52 AM »
This has actually been an ongoing debate within the fanbase of the StarFox games. The system in the game, Lylat, provides some very interesting planets with their orbits largely a mystery. The biggest mystery, however, is this: What the heck is Solar?

The generally accepted explanation is that Solar is a red dwarf acting as Lylat's binary companion, but many fans argue that it is, in fact, a superheated planet due to the rocks and other solid materials on it.

I have my own theory that Solar is a cool white dwarf, and sectors X, Y, and Z are its planetary nebula. The sectors' names come from the same nebula appearing as different letters from different angles. Maybe it's called "Solar" because its our own sun that died, leaving humans extinct and the various animals to rule the system... somehow... Yeah, it never really explains that, does it?

I've actually been working on my own new theories of the Lylat System now that StarFox Zero has been released, introducing some new canon. Since Solar doesn't appear in SF Zero, I've taken a bit of creative freedom with it. I've renamed it "Solran" in my Universe Sandbox recreation of the Lylat System that I'm working on to make it sound more like an actual name as opposed to an adjective, and it's a good-sized red dwarf. I'm going as far as making Lylat a triple star system with planets like Sauria and Cerinia orbiting the third star, a yellow main-sequence star called "Mysteria."

I posted this mainly as a random fan discussion.

EDIT: I just put a habitable planet around a white dwarf with a temperature of around 1500 degrees Celsius in Universe Sandbox, and the lighting from the white dwarf makes it a sickly green, so it looks astoundingly similar to the original planet Venom.
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