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Author Topic: [BUG] Large Objects Causing Problems With Smaller Objects. (not gravity related)  (Read 1576 times)


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Ok so the basic run down of the issue seems to be if you have a object around the size of UY-Scuti and you put say earth near it, you can get some very "weird" issues. it seems that your camera has a hard to focusing(seeing the object correctly) on the small object. it can be off center and seem to make it look as if the planet is moving in ways it shouldn't be. if you take a object much bigger the effect seems to be that you just cant see the planet or body. the jitteryness of the screen still is there and it seem to focus(select the object) on the object but not view it.

Thx For Listening


To Recreate go to new in the menu. then spawn a UY-Scuti (A Star). Next select the star and turn realistic off. now make the star as large as the game will let you. now spawn a regular sized object in near it and see the issue

Screenshot. (im looking at what should be earth but it isnt there due to the bug.)

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