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Author Topic: Alpha 15 Now Available - June 19, 2015  (Read 24022 times)

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Re: Alpha 15 Now Available - June 19, 2015
« Reply #30 on: June 23, 2015, 11:03:08 AM »
1 - But how many particles are there in the "mass of particles"?
2 - Wasn't there something like the Roche limit in the the first US?So why not get that back and fiddle with it until you get it to the way you would like it?
3 - But anyway, what will the mass of particles look like?

1 - it is an option. The rocheFragmentGrid is the resolution of a regular 3d grid into which the fragmented body is placed. When a cell has a center inside the spherical fragmenting body, it will create a fragment. Therefore, a value of 8 makes a grid of 512 cells, which gives about 256 fragments.

2 - Not to my knowledge, and if there was, I doubt it would make sense to try to take that over, since everything is different.

3 - Try it out
That's cools.
It was in a video about How to make an accretion disk in US.
He took a star and put it next to a black hole and done something to the star to make it turn into fragments or particles.
Then he let the particles spiral into the black hole, and the put the same star where the first star was.
It looked like an actual accretion disk.
Also I don't game the simulator nor a beefy pc to run it.