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Simulation Question
« on: May 07, 2015, 09:28:15 AM »
Hi guys, ( I'm new in the forum BTW) I am preparing my IB Extended Essay at the moment (like a tiny thesis to get the IB Diploma) and I was thinking about the possibility of doing it about the evolution of a galaxy along the years. My idea was to do a simulation of a spiral galaxy (Andromeda, for example) because it would be easier to get data by myself instead of using data bases, and see how the galaxy would evolve with dark matter and without dark matter. The thing is that I haven't found the second option in Universe Sandbox, so I thought about asking here just in case anybody knew if it is possible to do it. Thanks in advance!  :)

PS I'm open to different ideas containing the topic of dark matter, so I would be very pleased to read them if you have some.

PS2 Sorry for my bad English