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Author Topic: Performance issue?  (Read 2362 times)


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Performance issue?
« on: March 10, 2015, 11:30:23 AM »
Hi all, i am new in the forum. I am working in a custom simulation with 2.2 stable version. I have this issues:

 - I started with 250-300 fps. Now i am at 70-100 with 100 planets-stars.
  But i look into the process and its taking 125 mg. I have 8 gb of ram and 2 dedicated for graphics.
  So do the fps would decrease no mutter if for example i have 500 celestial bodies  BUT i am just looking at one planet in my screen?
   I am not using rings. Just planets, moons and stars.

   Also when i set high priorty the game it almost feels totaly the same. Why is just using so few ram when i have a lot more??

   And other question no relative: Is there any alpha version or highger than 2.2 that has stable backup- save for simulations. I cant stand alpha 14-13 because they mess up hard with the save system.

    Anyway thanks for your time is a great program.