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Author Topic: [BUG] All the Planets appear to be in one Spot & Saved Sim not loading at all.  (Read 2484 times)


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whenever I try to load a Simulator I saved, it either's doesn't load at all, or It'll load, but all the Planets appears to be in one spot in Space. (nothing happens and they don't collide with eachother)

Pic. of Bug #1: Link #1

Pic. of Bug #2: Link #2


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Basically, if the simulation contains particles, it will fail outright and not load (We're working on the fix for that), also we made some changes to how we buffer data with the physics overhauls, and apparently that's caused all bodies to think they are at position 0,0,0 when being saved / loaded.

Saves may be broken for a little while, since we're in the middle of some major overhauls. Hopefully we'll have them back up and running again soon, once things are stabilized a bit more.