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Author Topic: [KNOWN] Habitable Zone Visuals and Temperature Range is Connected to Luminousity  (Read 1700 times)


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Well as the title states Habitable zone is kinda bugged i think. Something seems to not add up as when i for instance modify the Luminousity on canis majoris, then the Habitable zone follows suit. What do you guys think?

I have found that if it locks at a low temperature when you spawn an object, setting the temp up to a ludicrous amount will make it crawl back down to its real position if near a star.

NOTE! i tried making a planet That was Rocky and at the size of 12 Jupiter's. it has water land and an atmosphere but nothing i did made the temperature go below minus 200. not even placing it almost next to a star. (Canis Majoris.) Albedo slider had no effect.

Update: Killing the atmosphere and setting the luminosity on Canis Majoris to 10000 seemed to heat up the huge planet when it was right next to the star. it climbed to well over 10000 degrees even though Canis Majoris has a temperature of 3490.
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Thanks for reporting.

We are aware that there are currently issues with the habitable zone calculations. We implemented the basics of the feature a while ago but have not yet spent more time on it... Improvements are on our to-do list.


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AH okay then :)