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That said, are they not compatible at all?

The reason why US2 files open in US1 is probably because Windows still considers US* files US1 files.

But I'm the village idiot, so have a grain of salt with this.

Gordon Freeman:
Nope. US2 runs in Unity, while US1 probably runs in C++ or something.

Dan Dixon

"Universe Sandbox is written in a manage .NET language, Visual Basic .NET. It uses the Truevision3D graphics engine and the nUI Interface library (buttons, list controls, etc...)."


The latest update in Universe Sandbox 2 - Update 20.1.3 has lots of bugs. Please help me find those bugs and report them in the simulator's feedback.

You do know that there's a Universe Sandbox2 update, which occurred on September 15. It can be found on the link at the top or by opening your Steam Library under the "Universe Sandbox2" updates tab.

It's Cassini's Final Goodbye. I've enjoyed Cassini for 12 years, from the Titan landing to the Enceladus Geyser discovery to the discovery of an Hexagonal storm in the planet's North Pole. It was a bittersweet moment. Cassini: 2004-September 15, 2017. What a great mission it was. I tracked Cassini even before it's approach to Saturn, while in Elementary school, granted I didn't know about science all too much. I was too busy enjoying childish games.

Times change. I've wanted Universe Sandbox2 for over a year before I got my current powerhouse iMac. While Universe Sandbox2 is improving, it'll take years before Universe Sandbox2 is out of Alpha and into Beta. The way I see it, at this rate, it'll take until the early 2020s to get this program released as a stable version


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