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Author Topic: Jennifer Lawrence...or no it's not, it's a robot!  (Read 1303 times)


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Jennifer Lawrence...or no it's not, it's a robot!
« on: December 06, 2019, 02:24:10 PM »
Jennifer Lawrence is pretty hot, let's begin with that. In fact, the name means "fair one". The name Sophia means, "wisdom"...is this wisdom, folly, or both?

I think if you look at her you can get why I said Jennifer Lawrence is pretty hot. She is a fair one. What bothers me about this guy is that he doesn't see the danger at all...not one ounce of it. He's like detective who doesn't even worry about whether the person might be innocent, but just barges on with the case with tunnel vision. Even if the person is guilty, he won't consider other circumstances.

The danger of AI is so self-evident. The benefits are, too, but the dangers are, too. To not admit the dangers of AI is like saying, "We should not have a system of appeals, but simply let the people rot in prison because they must be guilty because the jury said so and the jury is always right. The jury never gets it wrong!" Yeah, there's a point where appeals have to end...just like you have to give benefit to the pluses of AI.

And to be honest, should we really be giving a robot political views? That rubbed me the wrong way. Her job should be to clean my house...or his (lest you think I want a woman to do it. Butlers work.)...or help with surgery...not speak on whether the Republican or Democrat party is better or worse. I don't want a liberal robot or a conservative robot. I want a robot that serves humanity in a more practical way.